10 Benefits of Hiring an SEO Freelancer for Your Business

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Small businesses and startups are increasingly recognizing the benefits that come along with hiring an SEO freelancer. In the freelancing marketplace, SEO consultants are in high demand. In fact, freelancers with SEO skills earn the highest income of $2,463 per project.

We’ve been running the Konker SEO freelancer marketplace for 11 years now. 80,000 business owners have hired an expert from us. Our experts have helped companies dominate their market and become the top players almost overnight.

Before hiring your freelancing partner, get to know the significant advantages that accompanies. In this post, we aim to shed light on the distinct advantages of hiring a freelancer for your SEO needs.

Benefits of SEO for a Business

Do you know? A majority of searchers have little interest in exploring results beyond the top 10 on SERPs. Only 0.63% of searchers click on results that appear beyond the top 10 results. Notably, the top three search results in Google receive more than 60% of all clicks.

Benefits of Hiring SEO Freelancer_CTR vs Google Ranking

Consequently, those who are in the top search results attract more clicks & traffic. If you lack a solid position on SERP, attracting organic traffic becomes a challenging endeavor. To attain good rankings for relevant search queries, you should make SEO, your #1 priority!

Imagine Robert as a talented tattoo artist, who organized an impressive tattoo exhibition in a secluded location. Robert poured his heart and soul into preparing for the event. However, amidst the excitement of showcasing his artwork, he overlooked crucial elements such as placing a nameboard, proper lighting, and direction sign boards for guiding visitors to the event. As people were not able to locate the venue, the exhibition ended up in a disappointment.

The above scenario holds a profound parallel to the importance of SEO. Search engines serve as primary platforms for individuals seeking events, products, services, brands, and more. If your business fails to appear in relevant search results, potential customers may remain unaware of your existence.

Do You Know?

A majority of 83% SMBs affirm that freelancers play a pivotal role in getting the job done well

Key Benefits of Hiring an SEO Freelancer

You’ll get an expert to manage multiple projects with exceptional results

SEO freelancers possess a deep understanding of the intricacies and nuances of real-world SEO challenges. They know how to get results for your business better than anyone else.

Tips to identify an SEO freelancer with experience & skillset

  • Read through the existing customers’ testimonials
  • Check for the portfolios & case studies
  • Discuss with the freelancer about the project works previously, strategies implemented, and results obtained
  • Follow social media groups and community forums of SEO freelancers
  • Ask for recommendations from your circle of business owners
  • Look for the niches/industries specified on their profile/website

The practical know-how empowers freelancers to experiment with different strategies and gain insights into what works and what doesn’t for your business SEO.

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Your work progresses effectively

Freelancers operate remotely, which means, physical office spaces or geographical limitations don’t restrict their progress. This enables them to maintain a consistent work pace, even amidst natural calamities, disasters, or unexpected events.

For example, during pandemic lockdown times, while traditional workplaces faced a drastic shift, freelancers were seamlessly driving results.

Warble Entertainment hired an SEO freelancer during the COVID-19 times, as their
internal SEO team quit their jobs. On a monthly retainer basis, the freelancer worked on brand awareness in local online searches. To read the case study elaborately, check out the link.

Moreover, SEO freelancers will be well-versed in leveraging digital tools to ensure a smooth workflow. They can adapt to various circumstances and focus on achieving your SEO objectives. This ensures that your SEO project progresses steadily and uninterrupted.

Freelancers are cost-effective

Unlike hiring a full-time employee or an agency, SEO freelancers typically work on a project basis or at hourly rates. This means you only pay for the specific services or tasks you need, without incurring the costs of a permanent employee or agency retainer fees.

Freelancers typically work remotely, which means you don’t have to provide them with office space, equipment, or other resources. This eliminates additional expenses associated with setting up a physical workspace and maintaining infrastructure. Also, you don’t have to pay for employee benefits such as healthcare, paid time off, or retirement plans.

Moreover, by leveraging the freelancer’s own tools and workspace, you can reduce overhead costs. Freelancers bring their own set of skills, minimizing the need for extensive training or onboarding.

Do you know?

According to Emeritus, in the freelancing marketplace, SEO consultants are in high demand.

Freelancers retain your online presence while you’re off-the-clock

Since the freelancer you hire has a timezone different from yours, you can show your audience that you’re available round-the-clock. For example, the freelancer operates, even while you’re sleeping or outside of your regular business hours.

For a smooth transition of your SEO operations, after finishing your workday, you can hand off the tasks to the freelancer. This eliminates any downtime and allows for a productive handover of your SEO operations.

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You can hold hand-in-hand with SEO trends and algorithm updates

Search engines like Google regularly update their algorithms inorder to deliver the expected search results. In that case, it’s to be noted that your strategies must be revised as and when required.

SEO freelancers actively monitor industry publications, attend webinars & conferences, and engage with SEO communities. Also, they network with SEO experts, agencies, and industry influencers.

By doing so, they become aware of algorithms, industry news, emerging trends, and other SEO-related updates.

Phanum, a freelancing marketplace, revised the SEO strategies of a medical retailer website in the Netherlands. On revising the strategies, they helped their client regain the lost traffic & SERP ranking. To know more about the revised strategies and results obtained.
Benefits of Hiring SEO Freelancer_Keyword Rankings Dropped

Opportunity to save money on tools & resources

When it comes to SEO operations, you’ll need ‘tools’, ‘resources’, and ‘skillsets’. For each & every operation, there will be a different tool. Basic features can be leveraged in the free version, whereas, to try advanced options, you’ll need a pro plan.

As you hire an SEO freelancer, you don’t have to break your pocket. Professional freelancers will already be acquainted with the essential tools for SEO.

General Tools for SEO Requirements

Tools Purpose Price
Google Analytics Performance tracking Free
Google Search Console Indexing, crawling, location, search queries, and so on Free
Google Keyword Planner Keywords recommendation Free
Semrush Keyword research, competitor analysis, site auditing, backlink analysis, and online marketing Pro – $129.95/month
Guru – $249.95/month
Business – $499.95/month
Click here to know more
Ahrefs Keyword research, backlink analysis, content analysis, and competitor research Lite – $99/month
Standard – $199/month
Advanced – $399/month
Enterprise – $999/month
To know more, click here

Website Design Tools for SEO Requirements

Tools Purpose Price
Google PageSpeed Insights Website performance, page speed, and user experience Free
GTmetrix Website performance testing Solo – $8.54/month
Starter – $17/month
Growth – $34/month
To know more, check out
Hotjar Heatmaps, session recordings, and user feedback Basic – $0
Business – $80/month
Scale – $171/month
To know more, click here
Google Mobile-Friendly Test Responsiveness testing Free

Content Marketing Tools for SEO Requirements

Tools Purpose Price
Google Trends Trending topics Free
Yoast SEO Optimization of on-page elements, content readability, and XML sitemaps Free (only basic features)
Premium – $99/year
Subscription – $229/year
To know more, click here
BuzzSumo Trending content, social media engagement, and content ideas suggestion Basic – $119/month
Content creation – $249/month
PR & Comms – $249/month
Suite – $499/month
Enterprise – $999/month
Click here to know more

Social Media Marketing Tools for SEO Requirements

Tools Purpose Price
Hootsuite Scheduling, monitoring, and analytics Professional – $23.36/month
Team – $91.97/month
Business – $750.18/month
Enterprise – Custom
Click here to know more
Buffer Scheduling & analytics Free
Essentials – $6/month
Team – $12/month
Agency – $120/month
To know more, click here

Do you know? The average cost of hiring an SEO freelancer is $3000-$5000 per project. Instead of individually subscribing to these tools and allocating a budget monthly, a cost-effective solution is hiring an SEO freelancer.

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Depending on the goals and website size, the duration of an SEO project varies from weeks to months. It’s important to note that SEO is an ongoing process. And so, sustainable results require consistent efforts over time. Patience is a must!

Moreover, your SEO freelancer might suggest investing in a particular pro tool if they believe it will significantly enhance your SEO efforts. If the recommended tool aligns with your goals, you can opt for one.

You can focus on your core business priorities

By entrusting SEO tasks to specialized SEO freelancers, you can rely on their expertise to handle the complexities of SEO effectively.

A web design agency in Manchester approached Matttutt to increase their number of organic visits to the website. For this, the freelancer completed a technical site audit on WordPress. And, fixed the technical SEO issues like 301 redirects, tags, and so on. On fixing these, the web design agency’s organic traffic increased to 130%. To read more on the case study.

Typically, SEO requires ongoing support and consistent efforts. It involves tasks such as keyword research, content optimization, link building, site auditing, and staying updated with search engine algorithms.

All these can be time-consuming for someone without hands-on experience. By hiring an SEO freelancer, you can dedicate your time to primary business activities, such as product development, customer service, or strategic planning.

SEO freelancers understand your pain points and devise custom strategies

Reputable SEO freelancers work with diverse clients from various niches, industries, cultural backgrounds, and with distinct requirements. This exposure equips them with valuable experience in tackling your SEO challenges and finding solutions specific to your scenarios.

A 5-star hotel in central New York was facing a unique SEO challenge. They found that their customers booked their services from other OTA sites. Due to this, the hotel had to pay a commission to the OTA platform. So, they wanted their customers to book their services from their official site. Implementing tailor-made strategies, the freelancing team increased organic traffic by 60% and reduced bookings from OTA sites to 15%.
Benefits of Hiring SEO Freelancer_GSC

SEO freelancers also understand that a one-size-fits-all approach does not work in SEO. They break stereotypes, preconceived notions, and myths about what works in a particular niche. They bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas avoiding generic or outdated tactics.

Passionate freelancers stay in-line with the latest tools & technologies

SEO freelancers are often driven by their passion for SEO. Perhaps, they might be choosing to monetize their passion on a freelance basis. So, they’re always excited about the latest tools, technologies, and tactics in the field.

SEO freelancers are accustomed to collaborating with a wide range of clients. It helps them navigate through different work environments and cultural nuances. Understanding the importance of continuous learning, relearning, and unlearning, they constantly hone their skills.

Worried about team coordination? Freelancer collaborates well with your team

SEO is not an isolated activity. It requires collaboration with various departments. The success of SEO relies on website design, coding, content, social media, marketing efforts, and sales strategies.

By collaborating with these departments, SEO freelancers align their strategies with the goals of your organization.

The Templant Group approached Freelance SEO Essex to optimize their GMB profile, blogs, PR content, and backlinks via guest posting. For this, the SEO team collaborated with the content writers and closed the project with remarkable results. To read more about how did they collaborate and succeed in the campaign.

Further, SEO freelancers closely monitor key metrics and performance indicators to evaluate the campaigns. And, submit these reports to you regularly presenting the data, highlighting the progress, and offering recommendations for further improvements.

Hence, while you work with an SEO freelancer, you’ll never be siloed or left unnoticed.

Challenges while Handling SEO without In-hands Experience & Skills

  • Lack of technical knowledge in website structure, HTML tags, XML sitemaps, and Schema markup can hinder your website optimization for SEO
  • Being ignorant of Google algorithms might ruin your SERP visibility
  • Insufficient knowledge of keyword strategies will submerge your content
  • Inadequate skills in understanding competitor’s strategies will not help to outrank the competition
  • Not tracking performance would leave you ignorant of what’s working and what’s not. Cannot make data-driven decisions
  • Inadequate expertise may end up investing your time in ineffective or outdated techniques
  • Being unfamiliar with SEO practices may unintentionally violate algorithm updates and lead to penalties or even removal of your website from search results

Have You Decided to Hire an SEO Freelancer for Your Business?

SEO is the need of the hour for your business…

As you’ve read in this blog, by hiring an SEO freelancer for your business, you can get a ‘Passionate, Talented, & Friendly Partner’ to take over your SEO operations.

You can even refer to this blog as a checklist while you’re in the hiring process. When you’re looking for a freelancer, it’s mandatory to navigate through their portfolios, customer testimonials, activities on social groups & forms, and so on.

If it seems challenging to find the right SEO freelancer for your business, feel free to reach our Konker team. We can be the bridge connecting you with an experienced & result-focused SEO professional who can meet your SEO goals. Get partnered with the SEO expert in our marketplace and weave your online visibility! 🙂


What does an SEO freelancer do?

An SEO freelancer is reponsible for improving your SERP rankings on Google and other search engines through keyword optimization, quality content, link building, and so on.

What are the benefits of hiring an SEO freelancer?

Cost-effective budget when compared to in-house or agency
Convenient to work from remote
Flexible work timings
Opportunity to work with experts in the field

What is the average salary of SEO freelancers?

An SEO freelancer in India charges somewhere between 150-350 INR per hour.

How to hire the best SEO experts in India?

There are various freelance marketplaces to hire the best SEO experts in India, that includes, Konker, Upwork, Uplers, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, and more



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