Tips on How to Become a Freelancer in 2024

Freelancing is an increasingly popular career choice, offering unparalleled flexibility and the opportunity to work on a variety of projects from anywhere in the world. In fact, in 2023, the freelance workforce in the United States alone was estimated to have reached 64 million individuals, marking a significant rise from the 53 million freelancers recorded […]

Things to Check while Choosing a Freelance Marketplace

In the dynamic world of freelancing, where opportunities abound and talents flourish, selecting the ideal platform to showcase your skills is paramount. As a freelancer embarking on the journey of selling your services online, the freelance marketplace you choose can significantly impact your success and satisfaction. To navigate this bustling landscape effectively, it’s crucial to […]

How to Craft a Competitive Sales Pricing Strategy for More Sales?

Buyers choose a product/service based on various factors, of which, ‘pricing’ stands top. Exceptional service at an affordable, nah nah, ‘competitive’ pricing is the need of the hour. Crafting a competitive sales pricing strategy doesn’t mean compromising your business’s value. By carefully considering production costs, profit margins, and overall expenditures, you can develop a pricing […]

Features at Konker Marketplace

Tired of finding potential digital marketing clients or looking for an experienced freelancer? ‍ Enter Konker, your one-stop shop. Established in 2017 as a pioneer in the online marketplace scene, Konker has been connecting businesses with skilled freelancers for years. Whether you’re a Business owner: Konker, a diverse pool of talented freelancers across various digital […]