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My strength is paying attention to detail and to provide a retouched image that is of the highest quality and to the satisfaction of the client. Rest assured that you will receive UNLIMITED revisions of an image until completely satisfied.

✔ Professional Fashion Retouching
✔ Special retouching for wedding pictures
✔ Stock image retouching
✔ Enhance Makeup
✔ Pimples, scars and blemishes removal
✔ Skin smoothing with preserving texture
✔ Dodge & Burn
✔ Retouch hair
✔ Retouch lips, teeth and eyes
✔ Correction of figure and face shape

✔ Color corrections
✔ Optimum Brightness/Contrast
✔ Adjusting curves
✔ Improve Lighting
✔ Toning
✔ Noise reduction
✔ Adaptive sharpness
✔ Improvement in Image Quality
✔ Adding dynamic vibrance
✔ Removing dust particles, spots, scratches etc.
✔ Removal of unwanted objects, persons, background etc.
✔ Sharpening/Softening
✔ Image resizing and cropping

All Copyrights & Ownership will belong to the original owner/buyer and I agree to not disclose any photos online or offline without your permission.

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