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Are PBN Links still working in 2020? Hell yes. Are they risky? Not here.


I’m Saket Wahi. I have been doing SEO for over 7 years, and expanded my knowledge ever since until I decided to focus on PBN’s almost exclusively. You can think of me as the PBN guy, because that’s what I truly became!

I don’t deliver just links. I deliver results.







PBN is the most important factor to get your money sites ranked. If your backlink profile does not have good quality links, you would probably be thinking what's taking so long. Sites that will be given to me that are already diversified well, have good on-page will be going to perform 100x better with the addition of my links.

All my articles are 100% unique, highly readable and relevant to your niche. All my domains are thoroughly spam-checked and are on different hosts, so they're completely safe from any Google penalties! We all know how easy it is to find super spammy high TF domains that have been burned to the ground by previous SEO's. They'll never move any site up the ranks at all!




They're still more powerful than any Guest Post or Link Insert

PBN Links = Ranking Boost

Way stronger and way better ROI than your typical Guest Post

Increase your GMB Rankings (Map Embeds, NAP embeds, CID links)

You can even use them as your Tier 2 links

Easy Rank-Boners




✓ Contextual homepage links on high quality PBN domains. One link per post.


✓ Drip-Feed for safe and realistic looking link-building.

✓ Multiple URLs accepted (You can submit completely different websites if you want)

✓ FREE 300+ word unique niche relevant article with relevant images and optional video.

✓ FREE Link privacy (hide your link from competition)

✓ FREE Anti-Bot (Prevents bots and crawlers from visiting your site through the link)

✓ Partial report to verify links




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Have a look at the Metrics  

(Note: These are only a sample of the blogs. I have around 800+ that can and will be used.)

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PBN Network Details


Spam Free √

Different A Class, B Class and C Class Hosts √

Bots/ Blocked √

Drip Feed √

Crawlers Blocked √

30-50+ referring domains minimum (According to Ahrefs) √

Spam Checked (Squeaky clean backlink/anchor text profile) √

Indexed √

Hosted with premium hosts (Hostgator, Bluehost, Siteground etc.) √

Unique (Different themes for each site and not stock generic garbage) √

Low homepage OBL √

Random article structures to avoid patterns. √

Zero footprint (No interlinking, different hosts, different registrar emails etc..) √





Will I receive a report?

You will receive a partial report.


Do you provide links for the adult niche?

I do not. No pharma, gambling, adult or foreign language. These PBN's are all kept in perfect condition!

Are these niche related or general posts?

These are general posts, the article will be crafted to fit the website theme no matter what your website is about.


Are these posts permanent?

Yes, these posts are permanent, they will stay on the homepage for 4+ weeks and then roll to the inner pages where they will stay permanently.

What will the article content be?

Articles will be 300-500 words of handwritten 100% unique content.

You may also provide your own articles as long as the grammar is good. No spun articles!


If I buy more PBN posts do they go on different blogs?

Yes, they go on different blogs.

Can I See Samples?
No, sorry. To ensure the safety of my network.

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over 7 years ago
Good domain and fast delivery, thank you!
over 7 years ago
Thank you so much mate! Looking forward to do more business with you.
over 7 years ago
Top quality domains plus Saketwahi gave me one for free. The domains were very niche specific and delivered really quickly 10/10 will order again
over 7 years ago
Great that you are happy with the free domain. HAHA ! See you soon.
over 7 years ago
The domains suggestions he provide where great! I would definitely use again.
over 7 years ago
Glad to hear that mgandy
over 7 years ago
Saketwahi, he do promise all the domain metrics but one thing I suggest him to improve his services is check in archive.org, make sure the domain has not used as PBN before. People just hate to see foreign anchor text and foreign text when checked in archive, so try to make sure those domain is fully english. It will be better But one thing I liked about his service is he replace domain with no question asked. But really needs to improve
over 7 years ago
Thanks for the feedback xelmex. I will note this points for future buyers :) Cheers !
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I am run a SEO Company plus I help people with expired domains, pbn setup services, writing and other related stuff. 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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