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 Long Tail Keywords: How They've Changed The Game

Seo Is changing at a staggering rate! When i say staggering i do mean Staggering. However, Not a lot of SEO "experts" know this. Strange isn't it? I would have to say its mostly attributed to google becoming more hip on SEO. Now the techniques of yesteryear have become completely obsolete. Especially when it comes to keywords. We all as SEO's whether experienced, or beginner know about keywords. They are the basis for SEO, and are initially the turning point for most search engine crawling. So, when they change it can cause a major problem for an SEO's key source of income. Which is usually website optimization. 

That's where i come in! Long tail keywords are becoming the best way to keep up with googles new hummingbird and naturalization search. So, i want to make sure that your business has those keywords to help it grow, and expand in ways you never even thought possible. These changes are fairly new, so many SEO specialists have no idea that they exist, and they probably aren't even taking effect on their clients yet. However, they will, with time. 

So, I suggest that you side with me. I don't just want to make a profit. I also want to help you understand the new world of google, and how this can benefit and hurt your site in the long run. If you don't choose the right people who truly want to see your site grow, and treat the business as if it is their own. You can take a major hit. So choose me for the job if you want to keep up with the times. I want to see you grow as a businessman or woman. So, i'll also offer the option of me building the most spectacular website for you. Not only are keywords important, but presentation is as well. Without presentation you can cause many viewers of your site to turn away, and even never return. If you are skeptical i will review your site for you, and tell you what i can to make it better. If necessary. It will be a free quote 

Note: my max is 15 long tail keywords, but that will be more than enough to send you to the top.

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