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What you're looking at here is a hidden gem that not a lot of marketers know about doing or know the correct way to make these types of citations stick and boost your rankings in Google Maps.

This also includes a GEO-Targeted image within all citations. 

This also now includes a YouTube video embeded with the citations.  (You must supply the YouTube video)

  • 100% Manual Work .
  • NAP Consistent for all citations
  • Worldwide service ( will use local IP to submit information)
  • Detailed reports with 100% live links
  • panda, penguin and hummingbird safe
  • boost your Google Maps rankings
  • bump your Organic Results too!
  • 100 Local Citations
  • (Dofollow backlinks from Google Maps Themselves HUGE BENEFIT)

Everything is drip fed done with local ips in order to make everything look natural for you. 

Up to 8 Keywords can be given which will be the links that can index in Google.  

This is meant to look like 100 different local people are saving your business location and information, highly valuable and effective.

Order now, this is definitely something a lot of you are not doing.

Here is an example of what it looks like:

***If you order the 200 citation package you can provide 16 keyword phrases...which will give you more fire power in results***

Take advantage of the Extra:

***Geo Tag Your Google Business Page Photos for you, the RIGHT way!***
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almost 8 years ago
Great work!
almost 8 years ago
great service, seller took extra time out to explain everything that was completed. Will order again for different locations and looking forward to results.
almost 8 years ago
I've seen no results and unfortunately have no clue regarding the symbols that are sent to me. I would greatly appreciate a simple e-mail that I can understand.
almost 8 years ago


Rather than leaving a negative review, you should have sent a message. We literally just gave you your report 40 minutes ago. We don't know your SEO experience but we primarily work with marketers that know what they're doing, if you do not know anything about SEO then you should ask questions.  These links take time to index and if your are not knowledgeable on how to index in Google, you should ask us or ask wherever you are learning from.

Remember we create this setup for marketers or business owners that are familiar with the process of SEO and with the process of Google Maps. Every SEO marketer knows and understands that things take time to have an effect.

If you're interested in our team actually managing your business and rankings then the minimum is $1,000+ per month as all of our clients invest.

This was not a legit review since your saying you have no clue what was given to you. Please don't tarnish our reputation because you are not knowledgeable and the fact that you will see results in time. 


almost 8 years ago
Awesome job! We will definitely be back for more
almost 8 years ago
great work!
almost 8 years ago
Excellent service and fast response time.
almost 8 years ago
Fast service and great communication from the seller!
almost 8 years ago
Once again, this is an excellent service and we've seen big upward movement in our Maps rankings. Highly recommend!
almost 8 years ago
Killer service. Ordering again.
almost 8 years ago
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