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Hey there!

Owning multiple websites can help you rank other websites higher in google and the other search engines.

The stronger the websites the better.

SirTomm here and I have a grand offer for you.

Are you looking for Powerful Expired Domains for PBN ? Don't worry I will provide you with best expired domains with clean backlink profiles.

I manually verify the domains and check for spam for all my clients to make sure they end up with clean, strong and available domains.

To do this I use:

  • Majestic
  • MOZ
  • Archive.

And check for spam, backlinks, CF, TF, DA, andPA and so make sure it is a strong domain!

Domain Metrics You Will Get

The stats are as follows based on Majestic and MOZ are:

TF: 20+

CF: 20+

PA: 20+

DA: 10-30

I'll provide .com, .net, .org, .info, .us,,  .de, .fr,,  .tv, .ca domains 

Here are sample screenshots of domains we have provided to our clients:

We guarantee 100% customer satisfactionon all Orders

We look forward assisting you!!

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over 3 years ago
Prompt delivery and great service. Thank you.
almost 4 years ago
over 4 years ago
Really good services. Got additional expired domains from him. I really recommend.
over 5 years ago
spam domain delivered...
over 5 years ago
over 5 years ago
I buy all my domains from this gig of SirTomm's. I test my domains before using them on my own money sites and am getting about 40% of them as good quality. To me, for $1 each, that is *fantastic* quality. Why would I buy anywhere else? I've got 20 pbns now that have passed the test and ready for use, 40 more still in various stages of the pipeline. I buy domains in batches of ~10 and I can know that on average about 4 of those are going to be good quality, driving up my rankings. That's for $10. Think about that. If I buy domains from elsewhere I would have to spend double that just to get one domain and I don't know my conversion rate of how likely it is to pass my tests. The conversion rate might be higher than 40% if I bought such $20 domains from someone else, but at 20x the price, it wouldn't be worth it. How many $20 domains would I need to buy to guarantee myself that I have four good quality pbns that pass my testing? Even if 4/5 pass my test, that is still $100 spent to obtain those 4. That is 10x the price of what I am getting here with this gig.
almost 6 years ago
Asked for niche relevant domains with RD20+. Metrics were great, domains completely irrelevant, most foreign. If you want Cheap Irrelevant Domains with good metrics and ZERO - YES 0 - Customer service then Order.
almost 6 years ago
almost 6 years ago
almost 6 years ago
Excellent product for the price.
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