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The 100% Hands-Free PBN Building Solution

Available to Konker Members at a Special Introductory Price.

Available for only a limited period


If you're someone who is looking to own a high quality PBN absolutely hands-free, then this should be your go-to solution.


The Service:

  • High authority aged domain with great metrics and link profile
  • 12 months FREE hosting on unique IPs
  • Fully setup wordpress site built with required pages and relevant plugins
  • 10 X 100% unique long form blog posts relevant to your niche
  • Relevant images
  • Niche relevant videos

Special Konker Bonus:

- Custom made logo

- Premium themes

- Internal Links

Super Cool Domains:

  • TF15 or above
  • DA10+ guaranteed, often DA15+
  • At least 10 Root domains linking often many more.
  • Domain age up-to 16 years
  • 100% clean history
  • Zero spam links
  • Varied TLDs - .com, .org, .net, .ca, .uk etc
  • WhoIs protection enabled/random info used
  • Archive/Wayback machine checked
  • Screenshots checked
  • No spam anchors

Stable, Hassle-Free Hosting:
  • 100% FREE for first 12 months. Afterwards, it's just $2/month/blog
  • Hosted on Unique IPs
  • Custom created nameservers
  • 100% independent Cpanel or Similar logins provided
  • Upto 1GB Space and 10GB monthly bandwidth

Beautiful, Real Looking Websites:

  • Fully setup beautiful websites
  • Premium themes used wherever possible
  • All third party crawlers blocked for extra protection
  • All relevant plugins installed and activated

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. Disable Comments
  3. Contact Form 7.0
  4. Disable Google fonts
  5. Show hide Author
  6. Styled Facebook Like Box
  7. W3 total Cache
  8. Wordpress Ad Widget
  9. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin
  10. And several more..


If you have to get a similar site built by yourself, then you will need to spend hours & dish out $$$ to:

  • find and pick high quality domains without any spam links/bad history
  • buy and maintain hosting with unique IP for each of your sites
  • write content for your site, which is just too boring if you know what we mean
  • setup sites, install and activate plugins, widgets, take care of crawlers etc.

Why do you want to do all this when you can get everything done at a really affordable price?

Your report will contain:

1. Your domain info and metrics
2. Domain registrar account login ( They belong to you )
3. Cpanel login info
4. Wordpress login
5. Details of theme used
6. Details of plugins installed

This is so far the best all-in-one PBN building service you can get at this price. And trust us when we say this, we have already built 3000+ private blogs so far!
Kindly note, we use a variety of TLDs, such as .com, .org, .net, .uk, .fr, .be, .ca etc. At the moment we cannot restrict to any particular TLD unless mutually agreed earlier.
Take action now and grab this golden chance

If you have any questions or need support, please feel free to contact us. Always happy to answer you.

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over 7 years ago
over 7 years ago
3rd time here!
over 7 years ago
over 7 years ago
The perfect PBN service! - Received a domain with the metrics that were promised. - The website looks nice with home/about/privacy/contact-pages. In other words, it looks more "natural" than most PBN websites. It came with 2 articles with relevant pictures. Backlinks are inserted where it looks natural and makes sense. - All login information (email/hosting/domain) was provided in an excel sheet. - The value here is very good, considering that you get 12 months of free hosting. - I'm very happy with the service, with the seller's communication and I would recommend this to others. I will be back for more :)
over 7 years ago
I normally build my PBN's myself, but the price of this service was so low that I had to give it a shot. I normally spend $50 per PBN anyway and that's not even counting the amount of work that it takes. #1) DOMAIN NAME Here are the domain metrics the report gave me: (DA:15) - (TF:18) - (CF:18) Here are the actual measured domain metrics: (DA:14) - (TF:11) - (CF:6) There's a pretty big difference with the TF and CF. I imagine that they measured these when the domain name expired before some of the backlinks vanished as a result of broken link checkers. I suggest that the seller, ignitefirst, give us the measured metrics at launch or even delivery of the PBN. The domain name itself was not brandable. This is totally fine though, you should never use a PBN site to build an actual brand. I went through the domain name history and it looked strong. The niche was the same, which is very good. However the domain name was non-english which is something I don't normally do unless the metrics are much higher than this. I imagine though that this does not matter *too* much. The domain name was registered with private whois information. #2) CONTENT Articles passed copyscape, and I'm pretty sure it will do fine on Google to start, but I prefer for the articles to be passable in the case of a manual review and I'm not sure that they would. They are obviously spun, and while they are readable, certain word replacements do not make sense. However, beyond the articles, ignitefirst did some things that are great and very uncommon for a PBN site. My PBN actually had a Facebook page set up and the like box configured in the sidebar. This is a HUGE benefit and I'm very glad that they do this. #3) DESIGN I have to say that I'm disappointed with this. At first I thought it was pretty good! But then I found another site almost exactly like it when I did my review of the hosting. I think I'll have to change the theme to be safe. #4) HOSTING This is actually not that bad. I was able to find about 10 other websites on the same IP address and 6 of them convinced me that they were real businesses. 2 of them I *suspect* to be PBN's but would definitely pass a manual review, and 1 of them is basically a clone of my website with different content. I think I'm going to leave the PBN on this server. #5) EXTRAS I received the email account credentials used in setup. +1 I received the domain name registrar information. +1 I received a facebook page that was set up for the PBN. +1 Overall I am very happy with the service. I have to change the theme, so not totally hands free, but I am pleased.
over 7 years ago
Awesome seller
over 7 years ago
Everything so far as described. Will be back for more.
over 7 years ago
over 7 years ago
Delivered as promised. Good domains within the metrics promised and nice themes, plus full access to everything. These are the people I've been looking for considering the prices and quality of domains and the care they take. Good job!
over 7 years ago
Great setup, thank you.
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