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Premium Ecommerce Dropshipping Site in Hot Niche with Massive Volume Potential

FREE Domain

FREE Custom Logo

This site is on an Existing Domain which we can transfer to you Free of Charge


We can copy this site to a domain of your choice Free of Charge.


This is an original dropshipping format not used by any other web developer for building this type of ecommece site.


No stock, No headaches, all items are Dropshipped direct from the supplier. Ordering and having items sent directly to your customers takes around 30 seconds per order.


This is not a FAD site and will bring a long term income if you take care of it.  


Premium WordPress design by high end designer.


Automated with one supplier site, incorporating direct links to each product, all URL links to all product inventory are provided to make operation a breeze. Instant Profit.


Products in each category are proven high volume sellers with thousands of orders visible from the wholesaler.


Huge profit margins compared to Affiliate sites. Eg. for a product sale of $30, Affiliate sites produce around 40-50c Net Profit per sale.

This is not an Affiliate site. It is a dropshipping site using a dropshipping format which produces $10-$30 Net Profit per sale.

No setup required

All dropshipping links are provided for each product with the biggest dropshipping wholesaler worldwide, so you are directed to the purchase page for each product you sell on your new site. Only about 30seconds work on your side for each sale. If you do 10 sales per day that’s $100-300 profit for 5 minutes work.

For example, you sell an item on this site for $20. You enter the customers details in your wholesale account (a regular customer account) and pay $5, then the wholesaler sends the item direct to the customer with free shipping and tracking provided. $15 profit. Upon request, packaging sent direct to your customer contains no invoice, logo or pricing details.


Potentially over 10 sales per day, each taking around 30 seconds to process.


Any rare issues... the wholesaler refunds you quickly without having to return the item because they don't want the headache of receiving returns ect for relatively low value items. This enables you to give a full or partial refund to your customer through PayPal without them having returns either. The reputation of the wholesaler is exposed and they are willing to do anything to maintain their feedback rating. That said, customer service issues are rare.


We have chosen the highest volume items and the best wholesaler. The whole process has been trialled extensively across 10+ categories. Your account with the wholesaler is a regular customer account with no commitments or ongoing fees.

Very simple high profit, high volume format.


Low cost items that provide very high volume potential as shown by the wholesaler.


Hot Niche, with a proven high volume market in this huge CATEGORY.


Operate from anywhere in the world!


A forecast for this site of 10 sales per day would produce around $100 Net Profit per day (Assuming $10-20 Net profit per sale). $700-1400 per week achievable with ability to grow sales using the INCLUDED MARKETING PLAN. This will not happen immediately, you will have to follow the Marketing Plan with a view to getting the site heading VIRAL.  

You can maximise sales growth with a Social Media savvy Marketing Plan to generate traffic and sales with no time consuming SEO strategies. This Comprehensive Social Media focused Marketing Plan will generate traffic and sales to your site. Includes the use of Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, Publishing and other strategies to keep your Ecommerce business dominating. The plan also includes strategies to improve your search ranking. All of this is included in the Sale Free of Charge.



This site offers massive resale potential or keep as a cash cow.

What are you getting when you purchase this site?


Premium domain name

Premium design

Marketing Plan

Social Media Marketing Guide

Operational Guide

Dropshipping URLs - direct supplier links to each product inventory (one wholesaler site)








Includes the best checklists on:

Growing Traffic and your Sales

Using Pinterest for your Ecommerce Business

Getting more traffic from Facebook to your website, by building a huge network of interest groups. ALL THIS WITHOUT HAVING TO USE YOUR OWN FACEBOOK ACCOUNT

The Basics of Improving Your Search Ranking

FREE - RRP $89

Bonus PDF Ebook Package

YouTube for Business , Second Edition BEST SELLER 311pages


FREE - RRP $79

Web Design and Marketing Solutions for Business Websites, BEST SELLER Kevin Potts 413pages




This is an excellent starter site and solid opportunity for an ecommerce entrepreneur        


This website is very newbie friendly as there is no maintenance required

-          No Programming Skills Needed

-          No Maintenance Time Required




 Don't miss out on this opportunity.


Low risk with an easy to learn process

Will provide a seamless transfer of the site with ongoing support


Our most successful customers have multiple sites and centralize their marketing efforts. We can help you get there with multi site deals, just purchase this site using buyitnow and ask for a mulit-site deal.


Immediate transfer of the WordPress log-in and password.  You then add your PayPal details and receive proceeds of any sales immediately.



Free Domain Registration for Approximately 1 year.


If you are with Go Daddy




PROVIDE YOUR GODADDY CUSTOMER NUMBER AND GODADDY EMAIL ADDRESS and we transfer the domain name to you immediately.


The domain name is transferred to you Free of Charge.




As part of the sale I can host the site FREE OF CHARGE permanently on high speed hosting which

has all sites hosted individually. It is cpanel with 24 core cpu, cloudlinux with litespeed and

100gbps ddos protection. This type of hosting is FAR SUPERIOR TO REGULAR HOSTING and is

especially suited to ecommerce sites with multiple sliders. The hosting is worth up to $300

per year. This service is part of the sale, FREE OF CHARGE. No ongoing Expenses. No Catches.



Any Questions let us know ASAP.


Grab a bargain and ask about our multi-site deals.



The site now comes with an extra Social Media Marketing strategy  that you can use to join up to 60,000 FB groups without using your own personal Facebook account...

Let is know if you have any questions.





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