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VERSION 2 IFTTT UPDATED- 100% 5 Stars Rating


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Syndication Network for Website or YouTube Channel

Complete Personalised Service! 

Ever wanted to POST a blog and have it syndicated to all your online assets? Can you imagine the power of that type of syndication? 

My team has been building IFTTT syndications for my websites for a long time now with great results. Below is an image from 1 of my proranktracker accounts which show URLS which only uses IFTTT syndication.

Social signals is a critical ranking factor, and I have used this to rank client sites as well as my own sites.

I have been doing this for my own blog network and client consulting sites however, NOW I want to offer this service to others that just don’t have the time or the team to generate this LINK WHEEL. My team completes this task like clockwork.

We offer a more customised service. We give more options to fulfil your needs. 

You get back:
#1 Rubbish irrelevant address
#2 Rubbish URL strings on social that are not brand consistent
#3 They produce low-quality profiles
#4 They put up an unrelated article which you need to remove.

Our service does the complete opposite. We take more care in producing your Personal or Branded links.

My team will do the following:

#1 DONE FOR YOU > 20+ Web 2.0/Livestreams

#2 DONE FOR YOU > Linking the 20+ Web 2.0s/Livestreams

#3 DONE FOR YOU >10-20 Web 2.0- IFTTT Syndication from your RSS feed to as many Web 2.0/Livestream assets (or as many that can be done at the time of order)


#4 DONE FOR YOU > 10-20 Web 2.0- IFTTT Syndication from your YouTube Channel to as many Web 2.0 assets (or as many that can be done at the time of order)

EXTRAS>> We also offer 50% discount if you want BOTH SYNDICATES, from Website RSS and YouTube RSS. We also offer multiple TRIGGERS. A trigger is a feed that will activate the automated posting. For example, I post an article to Facebook, Facebook is the trigger to auto post to all my other assets.


  • We create either a Personal & Branded syndication wheel network of 20 web 2.0/Livestream assets. NOTE: If you create a Branded Syndication network it is important that you provide us with a person's name.
  • We create the wheel with verified email accounts.
  • Full profiles completed.
  • Logos are uploaded.
  • Full login details on a spreadsheet once completed.

***What Happens If I Already have Web 2.0 Accounts for My Brand/Name?***

We are more than happy to assist you to use your Web 2.0's, however, there is a new surcharge of $4 for this, due to the administration of verifications and email replies flows.

48 Hour Service: 

This service is only activated upon receiving all the correct information from the purchaser.

****NOTE: We cannot control the functionality of IFTTT.com as this is a 3rd party system. We will create, interlink and connect the assets to the IFTTT network, however, there is no guarantee that they will syndicate. However, we have only seen this on a few occasions. In order to support your order, if this is the case, we will always try and help and will redo the IFTTT connections once for you, however, if there are still issues, then you will need to contact IFTTT.com****

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over 5 years ago
over 5 years ago
Amazing work! Fast turnaround and it's really effective!
over 5 years ago
almost 6 years ago
Great work - thanks!
almost 6 years ago
delivered on time and great reporting. thanks!
about 6 years ago
about 6 years ago
This service is really good. He really put thought into setting up the accounts. I will absolutely buy again. Highly recommended.
over 6 years ago
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Jonathan, from Australia. For the last 2 years I have developed my own online marketing company within Asia. I rank #1 for mycitySEO.com. I have done this through the help of OMG. I have built a team of people that have helped me to achieve high rankings through developing social signal networks.

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