***LIMITED OFFER*** Boost Local Business Rankings in Snack Pack, Monthly Package

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Local Businesses Need to be in the Google Snack Pack To Succeed

The Google Snack Pack is the Holy Grail for Local Business SEO.

This is because of the visibility of the position you get when your in the 3-pack.  The snack pack shows on top of Google's organic results, with a widget of Google Maps. 

Getting the entire section above the fold means you can drown out even the Number 1 rank for the given keyword + local, even if you are in the number 3 position of the snack pack.

With a full view of your address and phone number, It makes the perfect spot for Local Businesses who want to increase phone calls and conversions.

This is exactly what this service will help you achieve.

For a whole month, we will provide you with the same exact strategy we used to get one of our clients from being, nowhere near the snack pack to the number 5 spot in 1 Month.   Results may vary, but this is the best one we have so far.  And you can get the same results, or even better.

Please do note, that this service should only be a part of your full SEO strategy.

We can only take a Limited number of clients per month, since we do everything manually.  So if you need to get into the Snack Pack, start your order now.

What do you get for the base package?

70 USD - 800+ Google Maps Citations drip fed over a Month.

The full package includes the following addons, at lower prices.

The entire package only costs 279USD, 

Not so sure how to use citations? Read all about it here:http://tiny.cc/FindAllCitations

It’s a sales page, but scroll to the bottom to get the rationale and strategy behind getting ranked for Local SEO.

We can only take a limited number of clients per month for this service.  We do everything Manually so that your citations look natural, and make Googlebot love you more.

  • No need to be afraid. Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird compliant
  • Get the best bang for your buck.  Full package gives you 4 great services
  • Hands free management.  We do all the work for you for one month.
  • No robot, No Software, 100% Manual Work. NAP Constant for all citation.
  • Anywhere, Worldwide Business Citations (Use local IP to submit information, check Addons)
  • Know what you paid for. Detailed reports with 100% live links.

NOTE:  Please make sure you have verified your local business in Google My Business to get the full advantage of this service 

Feel Free to message me for any questions before purchasing.

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