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***Most Affordable Google Map Citation Package On Source Market***

Local Business Citations are powerful ranking tools for any local business. 

But Not All Business Citations are created equal. 

Most business citations, are free listings and can get easily overpowered by listings on paid directories.

What if you can get Business Citations directly from the one that ranks local businesses - Google Maps.

This gig will help you get Local business citations directly inside Google Maps, and surely get into the snack pack to increase your business' visibility.

Don't know what are citations? Why are they important? Unsure how to use citations, read this page: 

What you will get from this Gig:

100+ Business citations from separate and unique accounts, that saved your business in Google maps, and left their remarks which are targeting your keywords.

Need more power ? Check the Addons listed below:

  • $15 Addon - If you order this extras then I will use Local IPs to do Citations to make it look 100% natural
  • $30 Addon - Get 200 more Google Map Citations, for more link power!
  • $25 Addon - I ill do Keyword Research which will give you best targeted traffic

  • Need a fully managed Service to get you into the Snack Pack? 
    • Our Package Service allows you to save up to $81

Snack Pack Attack Monthly Package :

  • 800+ Google Maps Citations, drip fed weekly for 1 month
  • 18000+ Social Signals, drip fed weekly for  1 month
  • Full Local IP address usage for all citations

Why this is beneficial to your local SEO:

  • The domain authority of Google Maps itself is a powerful backlink to your website.
    • Your citations will blow, any of your competitors free or paid directory citation listing out of the water.  
  • These Business Citations also act like reviews, and help boost your local business authority.
  • Targeted keywords in the review will increase your keyword relevance and authority

Super Domain Authority Backlink + Keyword Targeted Review = Mind blowing local SEO link and Citation

And for the this price you are getting 100 of these Awesome links.

  • No need to be afraid. Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird compliant
  • Get the best bang for your buck.  Maximum Citations (100+) in Source Market. (Get Up to 300, Check Addons)
  • No robot, No Software, 100% Manual Work. NAP Constant for all citation.
  • Anywhere, Worldwide Business Citations (Use local IP to submit information, check Addons)
  • Know what you paid for. Detailed reports with 100% live links.

Never forget your Socials Signals

For Serious Local Business Power

Snack Pack Attack Monthly Package :

  • 800+ Google Maps Citations, drip fed weekly for 1 month
  • 18000+ Social Signals, drip fed weekly for  1 month
  • Full Local IP address usage for all citations

NOTE:  Please make sure you have verified your local business in Google My Business to get the full advantage of this service

Feel free to contact me for more information before purchasing.

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