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Step 1: Look at your product link. As you may purchase from different suppliers, we will organize links in a table for better management

Step 2: This includes assisting you with placing an order.

Once an order is placed, it marks the beginning of the entire process. However, there is still more.

Step 3: We will support you in receiving and inspecting the goods. Due to the products coming from different suppliers, it usually takes about 7 weeks to collect them.

Step 4: If there are any quality issues, we will handle the return on your behalf.

Step 5: We will record the actual quantity and amount of purchased products and present them in a comprehensive form for your reference.

Step 6: Our team will assist you in adopting appropriate packaging methods to ensure accurate packaging invoices.

Step 7: We will calculate the weight and volume of the goods to help you choose the appropriate transportation method.

I can search for products/suppliers according to your requirements and negotiate so that you can obtain the best price to compete in the market and achieve better results.

In addition to procurement, I can also provide you with services such as arranging sample approva

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