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If you're looking for highly profitable Keyword research and want to Analyze your competitor's strategy??? You are Right place!!! I will provide SEO keyword research. This kwork will give you the best keyword research and competitor analysis that you absolutely need!

I will provide SEO keyword research and a competitor analysis sheet that can help you to understand Google's rank.

My Keyword's Research offers:

Low Competition keyword

High Search Volume keyword

Profitable keyword research

Fast and Easy Ranking keyword

Long Tail KW research

Related KWS

KWS Difficulty

Advanced profitable keyword research

Advance SEO Keyword Research

My Competitor Analysis offers:

Top Backlinks

Top Pages

Top Keywords


  • What do you need from me for keyword research?

    Just the competitor's website link and your main keyword.

  • Can you run keyword research and analyze websites in any language?

    I can run research & analyze websites in most languages, but I am English-speaking so the keyword data explanation for the keyword research & the action plan in the audit option will be in English,

  • How can you provide the final keywords list?

    I'll provide an easy-to-understand Excel file full of keywords

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