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These SEO backlink services are specifically designed to provide your target URL with a comprehensive package of high-quality, niche-relevant dofollow SEO backlinks. With an average of 1200 backlinks, ranging from DA-30 to DA-55, these links possess significant domain authority (DA), as well as PA (Page Authority), TF (Trust Flow), and CF (Citation Flow). They are highly valuable for boosting the relevance and authority of your website.These backlinks are carefully crafted with 10% of your chosen keywords serving as anchor text, while the remaining 90% consists of generic anchor text such as "Click Here" or "Visit this Site." This strategic approach ensures the safety and integrity of the links when connected to your URL. Whether you wish to link to your home page, inner pages, category pages, or product pages (if you have an e-commerce site), Google My Business URL, or YouTube URL, this service caters to your diverse needs for increased relevance and authority.

Tier 1 Backlinks: This tier encompasses an average of 1200 direct backlinks (ranging from DA-30 to DA-55) directly pointing to your website.
  • Backlinks from Web 2.0 Blogs: An average of 200 backlinks are obtained from posts on Web 2.0 blogs.
  • Backlinks from Articles sites: An average of 100 backlinks are sourced from articles.
  • Backlinks from Web 2.0 Profiles: Around 300 backlinks are secured from Web 2.0 profiles.
  • Backlinks from Social Bookmarking: An average of 400 backlinks are acquired from social bookmarking platforms.
  • Backlinks from Web Directories: Approximately 200 backlinks are obtained from web directories.
  • Anchor Text Ratio: The backlinks consist of 10% of your keywords used as anchor text, while the remaining 90% is generic anchor text such as "Click here," "Visit this site," and similar variations.

T2 and T3 Backlinks: On average, 7000 backlinks are built for Tier 2 and Tier 3, further enhancing the power and impact of Tier 1.
  • Additional Backlinks from Web 2.0 Blogs: Backlinks are generated from Web 2.0 blog posts to bolster the linking structure.
  • Additional Backlinks from Web 2.0 Profiles: Backlinks are obtained from Web 2.0 profiles for added link diversity.
  • Additional Backlinks from Articles: Extra backlinks are sourced from articles to strengthen the overall backlink profile.
  • Additional Backlinks from Social Bookmarking Sites: Backlinks are acquired from social bookmarking sites through relevant posts.
  • Additional Backlinks from Web Directories: Further backlinks are obtained from web directories for increased exposure.
  • Anchor Text Ratio: These additional backlinks also maintain the anchor text ratio of 10% keywords and 90% generic anchor text.
Social Likes and Shares: Social signals in the form of likes and shares are generated for all Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 links. This facilitates faster indexing and enhances the visibility of your website.

Package Inclusions: Please note that we accept only one URL and one keyword per package. This ensures the focus and effectiveness of the service.

Delivery time is about 7 days

By utilizing these SEO backlinks, you can accomplish the following objectives:
  • Improve Website Ranking on Google:You have the opportunity to enhance your website's ranking on Google by providing us with your site URL and keyword. We will strategically incorporate these backlinks to optimize your website's visibility and search engine performance.
  • Boost Video Ranking on YouTube and Google:If you aim to improve the ranking of your videos on both YouTube and Google, simply provide us with your YouTube video URL and keyword. Our approach involves utilizing the YouTube long URL, YouTube share URL, and embedding the video on all relevant blog posts. This comprehensive strategy maximizes the potential for increased visibility and engagement.
  • Enhance Google Maps Listing:If you have a Google My Business (GMB) listing, we can assist you in improving its ranking. Simply provide us with your GMB URL and keyword, and we will implement a variety of techniques. These include utilizing your website URL, GMB share link, CID link, and embedding the GMB listing on all applicable blog posts. These strategic actions will contribute to higher visibility and improved ranking within Google Maps.
  • Optimize Image Ranking on Google Images:If you want to enhance the visibility and ranking of your images on Google Images, provide us with your image URL and keyword. Through our expertise, we will employ effective SEO backlink strategies that specifically target image search results. This will result in increased exposure and improved ranking for your images.
  • Please note that all the aforementioned services are provided with a focus on maximizing your online presence and achieving optimal results in terms of search engine rankings.

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