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I love to write.
Is it really necessary for there to be a reason I enjoy something? I enjoy it because I simply enjoy it.
Nonetheless, I'll attempt to respond to the question of why I enjoy writing. If nothing else, it's to
keep myself entertained. Isn't that what writing is mostly about? I was alone in the calm constraints
of the blank paper, telling myself stories.
If I succeed in writing something, there will be no compensation. No one is eagerly anticipating the
publication of my stories. The chances of getting published are always slim. I write for the sake of
writing, for the sheer pleasure of it. But why do I like it so much?
First and foremost, I am a natural storyteller. I've always enjoyed telling stories to friends, family,
and anybody else who would listen since I was a child.
My mother likes to tell people about how my grandma came to read me a story and put me to bed
when I was a kid. I ended up narrating the story instead. I continued to tell stories till my lovely
grandmother fell asleep. I knew I was simply talking to myself at that point when I heard her snore.
Writing is simply an outgrowth of my need to speak and express my stories.
Writing is comparable to telepathy. A tale isn't complete until the reader's imagination brings it to
life. The story is co-created by the reader. For the same people and plot, no two readers will conjure
up the identical images in their minds.
The thrill of creation is another compelling motivation to write. I feel like I'm playing God when
I'm writing my novel. I've created a fantastical world. I've placed individuals in that world, and I get
to decide what happens to them. They laugh at me. They cry because of me. They are terrified of
me. I instill hope in them. I put them through ordeal after ordeal, all the while seeing them learn and
As I work, I'm overcome with joy at the prospect of making something from nothing. It's similar to
a mother giving birth to a child. Nothing compares to the awesomeness of creation.
Finally, writing stories allows you to discover yourself. The story's core themes mirror the author's
personality. In the actual world, my existence is routine. I go to work, come home, watch TV, and
sometimes go out to dinner. Nothing extraordinary happens. But strange things happen to the
characters in my stories. They must survive a fatal flood, fight off a vicious dog, and escape an
underground tunnel, among other challenges.
I go through these scenes with my characters as I write them. I view things from their perspective. I
understand their terror, excitement, and anguish. Their reactions and feelings reflect my own
emotional state. Writing these stories illustrates my goals and worries, my strengths and
shortcomings, my family and friend relationships, my attitudes toward the world, and my future
Writing can feel a lot like a free session with a therapist, revealing hidden secrets from my
subconscious mind. It's a good method to figure out what makes me tick.
That should be sufficient to explain why I enjoy writing. Some of those reasons may appeal to some
of you reading this and prompt you to pick up your pen or computer.
Now, not every day at the keyboard is the same. Some days, the words just won't come, and getting
any output at all is like squeezing the last drop of toothpaste from an empty tube. On other days,
writing comes naturally, and the words pour onto the page like water from an open faucet. On those
days, I have to step aside and allow the tale to flow through me.
But, above all, writing is happiness when I'm in the zone and expressing my story.
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