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Please read the FAQ before ordering.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Do you provide reports?

- Never. This is to ensure the safety of the network. You can however check webmaster tools for the links, as I don't block google.

Changing orders at a later date.

Be 100 percent certain of your order when you make it. I will not change posts after they have been posted/indexed and scheduled.

Do you allow Pharma/Pills/Porn/Adult/Black Hat Stuff/Payday Loans?

-Nope. Don't ask.

Do you allow foreign languages in anchors?

-As of June 2018. I am no longer accepting these orders.

How Long do they stay on the homepage?

- The posts are permanent and will be on the homepage for about 3 - 4 weeks and then roll off into the inner pages.

How many posts does it take to rank?

- I have no idea and neither does anyone else. Don't ask this question. I fucking hate it.

My site is brand new, should I buy posts?

- Probably not.

What is your TAT?

- TAT is hard to state. In most cases I am dripping posts 30 days or more. This also means I'll have to deliver early to avoid the auto-refund since the max guaranteed delivery date is 29 days. I also have to get content ready and queued. All of that takes time. When I deliver I give you the last post date for your order so you know when things finish.

If I buy more than 10 posts do they go on different blogs?

- Yes, they go on different blogs. Remember I'm human if this does happen, let me know and i'll replace.

Do you offer discounts on bulk orders?

-No. Anybody offering discounts on their posts should tell you something about their posts.

Are these blogs niche specific?

-No. They are general blogs.

Link-based tests

Typically every year we run link based tests for toxicity. In an effort to show those off, and demonstrate movement from a single link. I'll be providing them as we go. Typically we let these tests run for 3 months +/- 2 weeks as that has been shown as being the average time to show movement in a positive or negative direction. If the site doesn't show false positives and has a positive impact on ranking, it is added to the network.

Each of the following screenshots is for a separate site. Each site received one link. We have our own method for determining link targets. This usually results in the best option as you have a clear idea of pass/fail.

The screenshots show movement on newer sites already showing movement, as well as old sites already part of this gig showing movement. Again it is very very early.

The targets are all local in nature. They are all large cities (150k-700k population) and service style keywords. This is done because Local typically moves faster than other styles of sites and typically have little to no competition if chosen correctly. This is only a snippet of current tests. Be sure to stay tuned for more...

Updated Ranking Screenshots: July-ish to October-ish


Updated Screenshots: May-ish to June-ish.

Again I can't stress this enough. I pretty much hate ranking screenshots. I tried to add more details into these, like the type of keyword they used as well as volumes to note. In some cases stories of what was going on in some cases. People who work with me and give me solid sites for posts are going to perform super well in comparison to people who have garbage diversity and terrible on-site. These links only perform as nicely as what i'm given.

To note there are orders from June still on drip and things are just taking longer in general to kick-in as far as links go. I'm noticing that, as well as other SEOs, so if you are patient, you will see good things.

Mid February to April of 2017.

Screenshots from August 2016.

 June/July Orders from the 7/28/2016 update. Above is the most recent.

Rock Solid Private Blog Network Posts!

If you haven't heard of Private Blog Networks (PBNs) by now then you are likely living under a rock. In 2015 and into the future links are THE MOST IMPORTANT factor to rank a site. I don't care what anybody says, if your backlink profile doesn't consist of strong links, you will not rank. This network was hand picked for Source Market from my Client based network of 200+ sites.

Who am I? -
My name is Hatred on several forums. I rank websites in my free time and I have been using private blog networks since 2012 to push ranks. I wrote a rather detailed article on Blog Networks for Franklin Hatchett on OnlineDimes. You can learn how I approach building a network to PROVE that I'm not just talking out of my ass.

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over 5 years ago
Adding another satisfied customer to his huge list of testimonials. He keeps his network in tip top quality.
over 5 years ago
over 5 years ago
over 5 years ago
over 5 years ago
Although I was encouraged with the positive reviews, however my results has had the reverse effect. After I purchased this gig worth $200, my main keywords actually slipped from page 2 to page 5. And even after more than two months my site still sits on page 5. I had followed all the instructions provided by Hatred eg using non aggressive anchors etc, but still the results have been disappointing. Needless to say, my site is well optimized on the onpage side and my domain is older than 5 years with repeated good content being added periodically. My UI/UX is also top notch and therefore it would be reasonable to deduce that this linkbuilding service was the sole reason why my site slipped to page 5. There was no other backlinking that I did in parallel or after purchasing this. It certainly cannot be my existing backlinks profile since I was already on the top of page 2. I am hoping Hatred can come back with some constructive feedback or action items which I will gladly welcome and will be happy to change my review accordingly based on results.
over 5 years ago
A couple of things I need to note. To start, truth be told my service isn't for everyone. This also isn't a guaranteed ranking service nor do I advertise it as one. I advertise toxicity passed PBN links.

Now with that said, you didn't necessarily follow my instructions. My instructions are there to help guide you away from using exact match anchors and repeating anchors, over and over and over (you actively repeat anchors, found below). I can't control what I'm given, which to be frank was a complete trash.

Without giving away your site or your exact niche. I can/will state your niche was in the SEO niche. Meaning you provide SEO services.

Your order consisted of 4 exact match/partial anchors with the idea of "SEO in..."

I want to note you only detailed stuff on-site. That's great, your UI is "good", but your on-site? A pro-tip: google hasn't look at stuffed meta-keywords in years.

Then if we look directly at your link profile. You obviously do SEO for clients. Rather than using a brand anchor, you go right for the throat and use "SEO in...." in their Footer/header/sidebar across a dozen websites.

If we look at this close, ie your anchor profile. Before I even received the order, you have "seo company..." repeated 53 times. You have "seo ..." repeated 47 times. You have "seo ..." repeated 45 times. That's a grand total of 145 RDs with your exact match anchors across your link profile of 331 RDs. That's half of your inbound links targeting variations of your money targets. So you then topped up that with a order of PBN posts from me consisting of nearly all money phrases.

Looking closer at those footer links, some are even hidden in footers via CSS code. Is that SAPE? Looking at another link, you randomly change their tagline in the header near logos to your exact match anchors. Is that SAPE too? You then have a link on a shitty "Coach outlet" style site. An exact match anchor near a product they have listed in tiny text. Yet another hacked style link I'm assuming?

I'm confused. You actively knew I would check these things when you left a bad review. As of 6.18.18 I now have to check orders like yours and reject them before their link profile is complete dumpster trash. Was this constructive enough for you? or is me pointing out your overoptimized link profile and hacked links not enough?
over 5 years ago
over 5 years ago
excellent work, thanks
over 5 years ago
over 5 years ago
Remarkable work ---- Love it thank you
over 5 years ago
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My name is Hatred or Dillon from https://www.hatred.io/.

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