Premium Press Release Distribution - Land into USAToday, Yahoo, APnews

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Premium Press Release Distribution - Land into USAToday, Yahoo, APnews.

Have you always wanted to do a Press Release but found out the hard way that it is extremely complicated?

Are you looking to drive massive traffic through Press Releases?

Finally, You Can Establish Authority, Generate Highly-Targeted Organic Traffic, And Get HUNDREDS of High-Quality Backlinks!

Get Your Online Business Onto Reputed, Famous, And Super-Trafficked Media Outlets, Such As:

FOX - ABC - NBC - CBS - CW Affiliate Sites - Digital Journal - AZcentral - Google News... And 200+ More News Sites!

Boost Your Rankings, Create Buzz, And Get The Results You Deserve!

Let’s cut to the chase:

What's On This Service:

** Effective Distribution At Reasonable Prices **

We take care of absolutely everything so that you don’t have to lift a finger.

Our professional and dedicated team of PR writers will write compelling, traffic-generating Press Releases for your online business, and distribute them over major media outlets!

Why do you need this?

  1. Generate quick bursts of targeted, organic, and recurring traffic for your site
  2. Improve and BOOST your rankings (better SEO for your online business = more sales)
  3. Get hundreds of high-quality, juicy backlinks from reputed, super famous media outlets
  4. Dramatically increase your brand exposure, and draw ATTENTION to it
  5. Sell more of your products or services by reaching a mass audience that will be interested in what you have to offer
  6. You can publicize “as seen on” logos of media outlets on your website (quickly and easily build trust and authority)
  7. Take your online reputation to the next level
  8. A round-the-clock, attentive, and friendly customer service always looking out for you
  9. And much, much more...

What Your Get:

✔️ Professionally Written Press Release

✔️ Guaranteed inclusion in the Google News with anchor text links back to your site.

✔️ All PRs are published in News, Radio, TV, Newspapers and Niche Relevant sites

✔️ A detailed report is provided with each order showing all the links.

✔️ You get to approve the PRs before they are distributed.


Select The Package That’s Best Suited To Your Needs, And Let’s Get Started!

We offer different packages for different needs - but all of them have ONE thing in common: quality that’s simply out of this world!

Have a look at them, decide which one you want, and let’s get the ball rolling!

Standard Package: $90

  • Free Press release writing

  • Google News Guaranteed

  • Distribute your Press Release to 250+ Media Outlets.

USA Today Classifieds + Standard: $400

  • Free Press release writing

  • Google News Guaranteed

  • Get your Press Release into 250+ sites including USA Today.

Yahoo Finance + ApNews + Standard: $699

  • Free Press release writing

  • Google News Guaranteed

  • Get into 250+ sites including Yahoo Finance and APnews.

Single USA Today Classifieds Link: $299

  • Single USA Today Classifieds Link. Great for Ranking and can be used as Parasites.


*Standard Package Contains:

FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, CW affiliate sites, Digital Journal, AZcentral and 200+ more news sites and get onto Google news


How Does this Work / What do we need from you?

  1. We will ask for few simple details after you place the order.
  2. Once you provide the required details we will write PR for you.
  3. PR Draft will be sent to you for approval.
  4. Once you approve the PR we will distribute it and send you the detailed report.


Following topics are not allowed for distribution:
Online streaming, Vape, CBD, Investment related websites, hacks, adult, supplements, drugs, tobacco, websites related to piracy, gambling, radical views, related to govt agencies, fire arms, illegal content, lawsuits, announcing discounts/sale..


Some of the Media Outlets:



Does your price include a written press release?
YES. You do not pay me any extra apart from the $90

What is Included in this $90
1 Written Press Release Article & Distribution to the leading news sites.

Do you give a complete and full report?
YES, I give a full report.

Do you GUARANTEE Rankings?
No, I do not guarantee rankings.

Refund Policy:

We will not be able to refund once we have started writing your PR.

Do you do bulk orders?
Yes, I do. Drop me a message and we can talk.

How many sites do you guarantee?
I do not guarantee any number of news sites since it changes so frequently.
Having said that it could average up to 250+ news sites.

Why Does Your Delivery Time Say 20 Days?
Delivery time has been set for 20 days to allow you to get your information ready, get approvals and to make changes. We know some of you have trouble getting your client to approve a release, hence the longer delivery date.

Will My Press Release Stay on These News Site Forever?
No, it will not. News sites tend to purge old and irrelevant news from time to time.
To stay relevant active news sites purge releases as fast as 3-4 months.
We Recommend doing press release once a month.

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Got a amazing USAtoday link. Awesome metrics.
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good work. thank you
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I purchased single USAToday it is a dofollow da95 which amazed me the most. TAT is insane I got under 48 hours. Highly Recommended.
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