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Amaze your clients and friends with your  Interactive business card.

How does this works? check this video:

Scanning this Business Card with your iphone or Android, you can unlock an interactive content like virtual Reality.
(Tom Cruise´s Priority Report Style).

This technology is based on Augmented Reality!

Augmented Reality is a new way to interact with our surroundings and any physical object or print, using our mobile devices like our Iphones, Ipads, tablets or Android Devices.

I know it sounds unbelievable but it´s true !!!

Buying this Gig you will get:

  •  The design of your Business Card completely ready to print and use.
  •  the coding and programming needed to show the AR content.
  • a .JPG file with the design ready to print.

* Ask for price before buying.

¿What are you waiting for?
Get yor Interactive Business Card Now!
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Hi guys, my name is Ivan Rincon A.K.A. IVANSMEDIA, I´m an expert on Augmented Reality, and an enthusiast of new technologies such as App Development. I have plenty experience in areas like Web Development, Wordpress, 2D, 3D, Unity 3D. I´m very committed with my work and Clients.

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