Outreach On Genuine Websites for Links, Guest Posts And Organic Social Signals.

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Incredible... right?

Outreach done right.

We cover full spectrum outreach for your content, acquiring links from multiple tactics such as niche edits, site owner link placements, broken link building, organic social media interaction from real site owners and more.

We make a custom lists, validate the contact information and use tactics and templates that get results as long as your content is worthy of links and social action.

Here's what you get.

We do outreach for one post or page, contacting 100 site owners for $149.  Each posts or page you purchase will get at least 100 contacts.

You can check our extras if you want outreach on multiple posts or pages.

Our average conversion rate is just short of 8%, but is sometimes much higher and does not count social shares witch builds domain and page authority.

We have converted at 14% with excellent content that was helpful and link-worthy.

Your links would be placed on highly relevant pages that fit your post or posts. Where guest posts or just acquiring links from sites that are actually owned by real people who post to their sites regularly and share content regularly on social media.

We are more concerned about relevance than other metrics because these are real sites that are active by one owner/blogger. But we do a minimum of a DA of 20 and no maximum, so if you get a few DA 40 plus links, we don't charge extra, and some of them who will not give you links often give a lot of social traffic.

Contact us before ordering so we can approve the content you want to get links to.

We've ranked single keyword terms with as little as 9 links and acquired tens of thousands of social shares with just a lists of 100 highly relevant targets. 

It's not unusual to get 30, 50 or even 100k visitors  to some pages or posts that are simply bad-ass just from social interaction.

All of our links and social interaction are 100% organic outreach just as MOZ, BackLinko, Neil Patel and other top white-hats use to build links.  No more link penalties, no more losses in rankings and no PBN or web 2.0 falloff.

These links and social signals stick like Gorilla Glue. My wife calls them forever links and social signals.

You can now get similar results and links that stand the test of time and Googles algorithm changes right here on Konker.io at a lower rate than the other top tier services offered across the web.

Your dream come true is now a reality with faster rankings than any black-hat tactics with zero risk of a Google penalty and it's much cheaper that the big agencies.

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I absolutely LOVE SEO and digital marketing in general. It's my passion, my hobby and my calling. I am going on 15 years with SEO and digital marketing. I do local client SEO and affiliate marketing and look forward to working with the people of Source Market.

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