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REAL Money Site / PBN / T1 Filler Articles

Perfect for money site filler content for a strong and relevant silo

FIX your endless content problem in 1 single click!

  • Do you have no new content to upload to your money sites or pbns?
  • Are you bleeding ranks?
  • Have you tried everything but your site or your client’s site won’t budge?

If your website doesn't end up moving up the serps then all the time spent on it will be wasted, or if you're doing client SEO then your clients will start asking questions.

But that’s no more...

You DO know that fresh content and increasing the overall authority and relevancy of your site and t1 sites (pbns) will make your website rank higher?

You can’t ever have enough filler content in your moneysites and your pbns, it will naturally carry momentum and increase your site’s ranks.

 You'll have all the content power at your finger tips!

We have harnessed the power of TRUE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE to craft completely unique and related articles to your niche, articles that have been successfully given our clients amazing results in record time at a fraction of the cost of regular filler content articles.

All the authority, relevance and trust your website needs at your disposal

You need 4 things in SEO to succeed: On-page, content, relevance and link power.

We’re giving you 2 of those 4 key elements for a fraction of the cost, content and relevance.

You don’t need a single amazing article, you need dozens or even hundreds and thousands of laser targeted, unique and relevant articles, we happen to have worked for years to bring you the power of true AI at your disposal.

Imagine having 1000 articles all related to your niche right on your money site supporting your moneypage... do you think you could rank with that?

Think about it, it isn’t natural for a website with 4-5 pages talking about “HVAC repair” to rank high, and google knows this! However a website with 50-100 articles talking about air conditioning... that’s a different story.

This website filler content is completely unique and it’s been tested for a while that there’s a direct correlation between content quantity and higher rankings, this is the easiest and the most cost effective solution to rank your websites securely and FAST.

The value of this is unmeasurable as you can imagine.

If you look around you’ll find other websites selling content for $6 per 500 words on the very low end and that’s barely readable english.

For a limited time we’re offering these at crazy low prices, you can’t possibly miss it and miss the chance to harness the power of hundreds of related articles to your websites, your pbns, your guest posts and niche edits, all related to your very own niche.

I can’t tell you for how long we’ll keep this offer so act fast!

***100% Money Back Guarantee – No Questions Asked!***

You probably have a lot of questions so... here are a lot of answers:

  • What exactly are you selling?
    I’m selling AI articles, true AI articles that are 400-600 words in length, some are even up to 2000 words. These aren't spun articles where you get a random article and jam your keyword in them. These are unique and you can see them below.
  • Where did you get them?

Interesting question, we got them through the power of hundreds of developers creating a powerful natural language processing neural network that was trained with billions of published articles from all over the web... and then we coded something to generate these articles and bring them to you. We’re proud to say that this is NOT spun garbage content or scraped content from older posts from expired domains.

  • Where can I use these articles?

You can use them in your Money Sites (filler content, inner pages, etc.) PBN sites, T1 sites, Guest Posts, T1+ etc. You can decide where you want to use them based on their quality.

  • How closely related to my niche will they be?

They’ll be generated based on your specific niche, so for example if you have a website about juicing recipes, we’ll generate articles about juicing recipes and juicing in general, so they are very laser targeted, if we can’t for some reason generate good enough content for you because it’s too specific, we’ll generate articles about a more general niche like healthy eating, fitness, etc.

  • Are these articles unique?

Yes of course!

Yes. Each and every article is generated as per your request. If you find that these for some reason do not pass copyscape then we’ll replace them for you without asking any question at all.

  • I like it! What about pricing?

You can find our pricing in our package details but we can absolutely make discounts for big bulk buyers.

  • Are there any free review copies?

We’ve extensively sold these privately to high success in both client satisfaction and SEO power, so we don’t give review copies, however, you can order a single article and test the quality yourself.

  • How does the delivery file look like?

You’ll receive a .zip or .rar file sent to your delivered files section, inside the file you will find all your articles with filenames matching the start of each article so you know at a glance what these are.

  • Are you reselling them a number of times? How are you getting these prices?

No, absolutely not!

We don’t resell these multiple times, each article is 100% unique and will forever be unique, we will generate unique content for each and every single client and article request we get.

We get these prices because our infrastructure allows us to generate articles at an outstanding speed.

  • What about refunds?

If your articles do not pass copyscape we’ll grant you a refund without asking questions or we’ll replace your articles with new and better ones.

  • How many articles can you produce for me?

Infinite... literally... Infinite.

Samples of our articles HERE!

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