High Retention YouTube Views to Boost Video Ranking

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High Retention YouTube Views to Boost Video Ranking

Here we will promote your YouTube videos by embedding in blogs posts and promoting in social media sites. Here we are guaranteed minimum 50+ per day views for 05 days for just $1. We will not send bulk spam bot views unlike other sellers that will spoil your YouTube video ranking.

Retention rate is one of the tools that used by YouTube to rank videos. Low retention view means that the viewer clicked on a video and left after a short while. This hurts the ranking of your video on the YouTube search engine and also it can be flagged by YouTube’s algorithms, leading to a drop in views. Always High Retention views will help to boost your YouTube video ranking.

Special Features and Please be NOTE :
  • You can change YouTube link anytime you want. But once you change we will send only remaining views for the new link (modification might take upto 1-2 days) - always its recommended not to change link and can provide only 1 YouTube video link per order.
  •  Instant start (we will start 99% of the orders within just 1 day) - But according to the YouTube policies, the views might take upto 1 to 3 days to update in your Youtube video/dashboard. It depends in YouTube Terms of Service (TOS).
  • 100% MONEY BACK Guarantee - If you are not satisfied with our service we will refund anytime.
  • Views are 100% adds safe - Here you will receive high retention (long watch time duration) views for your video. But the views are not interested based. You will receive views from all the kind of marketing categories.
  • YouTube TOS - Because of too many YouTube restrictions like copyright violations of videos, photos, contents, links and much more we are not responsibility if videos gets deleted. also if your video breach youtube TOS like hacking tutorials, include spam links , KEYGEN, CRACKS, spam codes to generate points etc... that also will be the reasons to get videos deleted by YouTube. So please make sure your YouTube fulfills all the YouTube TOS.
  • Be Sure Video is Public and no any restrictions to promote - Here we will promote your youtube videos by embedding in blogs posts , promoting in social media sources etc.. so always make sure the video should be PUBLIC and should not have any kind of restrictions like embedding restrictions , age restrictions, No Mobile playback restrictions, specific country / regions restrictions etc...
  • Views Should be from all over the world
  • Minimum guaranteed per day 50+ high retention views per day for 5 days for just $1.
  • In most of the time all the orders will start within 24 hours and will deliver within 7 days and it will continue till reach all the targeted amount of days.
  • Its recommended when you are having views from us not to work with other sellers. So you can track clean details and quality of our views.
  • 24*7 Customer Support


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about 1 year ago
I will definitely buy more in future, Thanx for your quick response
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about 1 year ago
Thank you.. We are looking forward to work more :)
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about 1 year ago
Great it is working. Thank you
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about 1 year ago
Outstanding Experience .. Thank You :)

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