I Will Manage And Optimize Your Adwords PPC Campaigns

SEO/Site Optimization
7 days estimated (8 days guaranteed) >

1 Week campaign management and optimization. No limit to keywords, Ads, Ad groups or campaigns.

**Bonus: Free Account Review of Existing AdWords Account**

AdWords Certified professional with 7+ years of experience in managing and optimizing AdWords campaigns. Served more than 500 clients of various verticals with varying budgets.

I will be optimizing the entire account, no matter how many keywords or campaigns it has. The scope of work in this GIG:

1. Website and current campaign analysis, if any

2. Analyzing current keywords performance and adding new relevant keywords if required

3. Adding negatives in the campaign or at ad group level

4. Make sure all the ad extensions are set up

5. Setting up your campaign to appear only at best times using Ad Scheduling.

6. Setting up a campaign to show ads in the best performing locations only.

7. Suggesting new campaigns or campaign types to get better results.

Deliverables from this GIG:

1. Better CTR

2. Reduction in Avg. CPC

3. Improved conversion & ROI

4. Better quality score of keywords

5. Improved campaign performance

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Hey everyone! I am brand new here I just discovered this site and hope I can provide amazing services for you all My name is Jenna and I am the founder of two magazines called Perfectly Defected and Pink Dahlia, and I am also a plus size model. digital design, SEO, marketing and a lot more.

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