$500 - $2,800 Per Month With Evergreen Viral Websites

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Hey there,

Brandon here and i welcome you to my service.

The picture above is a screenshot of one of my evergreen viral blog business. I make between $50 - $150 daily on this alone.

Yeah !!! 30 days, each making $50 - $150 daily. You do the math.

Viral blogging is just one of my side businesses.I have a couple more of these, each producing a steady stream of cash every month to my bank account while I run my software development business full time.

All in all, my side businesses land me more than $15,000 each month

The thing they have in common?
They are all small in scope and simple to implement.
Plus, they are low maintenance. Even busy people like me can still find time for them.

Now, if you are on the lookout for online businesses that work for a part timer, you are at the right place. Pay attention to my offer:
I want to hand you a working business model that work for me. You'll have access to everything you need to grow your income from scratch to your first $3,000, even if you have a 9-5. This blogging system has only been done in a few big ticket masterclass costing $3,750 to $6,000... until NOW!

And how it started?

Not long ago, a client of mine hired me to evaluate a business that he was considering buying for $35,000. After taking time to check the business model, i told him what to do rather.

Instead of buying it, i simply replicated the business model for almost nothing and grew it from $1,000 of net profit in the first month to $2,800 of profit in the 4th month. Now i'm here on Konker to do the same for you.

What will you get?

1. Evergreen Viral Blog Creation 
  • I will research and create your website, with proper optimization so that we can tap into converting web traffic faster and more effectively.
  • I’ll purchase the domain and will install premium paid WordPress theme and plugins on your domain.
  • Custom logo designing
  • Ads will be carefully placed throughout the website for the highest click through ratio per visitor. This ensures your web visitors are clicking on your ads with greater potential to earn money every time they visit your site.
  • Being an SEO experts, i have no options than to include basic onpage and offpage link building for effective ranking on your website. With this, you have 99% chances of getting free traffic from search engines.
2.  Guaranteed Absolutely Cheap Web Traffic For Quick ROI
  • Here i understand your feelings on this.How do you get people to visit your website? I am including a mouth-watering offer to get you at least 1,000+ Unique Page Views daily on your website.
  • You will discover a Absolutely CHEAP traffic generation method that sends daily visitors to your website without relying on Google Rankings, Youtube Videos, Facebook Ads, Yahoo Answers or even Facebook Groups blasting 
  • This has NEVER been done before – What you are about to see is an UNSLAPPABLE and UNSTOPPABLE traffic generation BEAST.

Wouldn't You Rather GET a System That Brings RESULTS Like The Proofs Below?

A Colleague Used The Traffic On CPA offers and here is the result;

And this;

This 2019, Me and My Team Went Ahead To Crush SHOPIFY With The Traffic Method, See What We Our Sales Look Like Daily;

 Wouldn't You Rather GET a Site That Brings RESULTS Like These?

What Are You Still Waiting For?

Who buys the domain?
I do! Don't worry about that. After the site is built, will transfer the domain to your account.

Who buys the hosting?
I need your hosting details once the website is built. After that, i'll transfer the site to your web hosting.

What else do i need before making money?
Ads budget definitely. We use money to make money here. With what would be shown, $150 ads budget monthly makes around $550 to $1,200 depending on countries you target.

How much Adsense earnings can be expected?
From experience, the websites make between $500 to $2,000 monthly depending on your ads budget. And YES, my guarantee is based on previous results with buyers..

Remember, You Must Act Right Now, As I Totally Reserve The Rights To Increase The $497 Price At Any Moment. Yes, Even While You Are Still Reading This Page.

* If you live in Asia, Vietnam or Africa, be advised that your earnings would never be like those in the US, UK or Canada for some reasons best known to Google. They pay a fraction in those regions. 
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