I Will Create, Manage And Optimize Your Amazon PPC Ad Campaign (1 Month)

28 days estimated (28 days guaranteed) >
This is full-service Amazon PPC Campaign Creation / Management / Optimization.

Initial Setup (For Businesses that have not yet set up an Amazon PPC Campaign)

Because of the nature of Amazon PPC, we will need search term data gathered from previous PPC campaigns to fully optimize and begin managing your sponsored ad campaign. If you have not yet run a PPC advertising campaign we recommend you select this option so that we can begin setting up your "Mining" campaigns using our proven techniques. These campaigns will gather high converting search terms which we can then begin to inject into your "Gold" campaigns.

Steps of Initial Setup:

1. Start (1-2 Days) - Call - Mining Campaign Creation
2. Optimize (7 Days) - Call - Gold Campaign Creation
3. Optimize (14 Days) - Call - Gold Campaign Optimization
2. Optimize (21 Days) - Call - Campaign Adjustments
3. Optimize (28 Days) - Call - Campaign Adjustments - Finish

Monthly Management / Optimization (For Businesses that have completed the setup phase or already have PPC Campaign data gathered)

Steps of Monthly Management / Optimization
1. Start (1-2 Days) - Call - Previous Campaign Analysis
2. Optimize (7 Days) - Call - Campaign Adjustments
3. Optimize (14 Days) - Call - Campaign Adjustments
2. Optimize (21 Days) - Call - Campaign Adjustments
3. Optimize (28 Days) - Call - Campaign Adjustments - Finish


Will I need to provide my Amazon Seller Central Username and Password?

No, Amazon allows it's sellers to provide "permissions" to specific users. During our initial setup call, we will show you how to add our agency to your Amazon account which will give us access to your campaign manager.

How much will I have to spend on the advertising campaigns themselves?

This is up to you, we will cover this topic on the initial call but it is recommended that you have a budget of at least $20 per day to gather sufficient search term data. More budget is always recommended as it will allow us to optimize your campaigns faster and more efficiently.

Will I see my ACoS improve?

Yes, using our weekly optimization techniques it is guaranteed that you will see a reduction (improvement) in your ACoS. We have developed a specialized formula that utilizes the 80/20 principle to make sure you are getting the most "bang for your buck" when using Amazon PPC.

Do I need to have already created a "mining campaign" to order the monthly management services?

It is recommended that you have at least run an "Amazon auto campaign" for 2 weeks before purchasing our monthly management services. We need search term data in order to optimize your campaigns and lower ACoS. Without this data, we are essentially taking shots in the dark.

Are there any categories we will not advertise for?

Yes, due to the saturated market in the clothing & jewelry spaces we will not be running advertising campaigns for products that fall into these categories. If you have a very large advertising budget you may PM us about this but please know competitors here bid very high.

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