Cloud stacking for video embeds or map embeds

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This is a powerful service for maps,videos,sites, or whatever you need embedded and linked to.

This is very clean link juice.
8 clouds

We make a page by adding an article on each of these powerful sites, then embed your maps and video , or anything else you want embedded. The article and embeds will be syndicated to other clouds.

#2.) Link from top cloud site, back down to bottom, which means all the link juice is flowing in a circle, the only out is whatever you want it to link out to.

#3.) We then backlink to all of the clouds and embed  clouds f. (100 links)

#4.) We then create and stack 5 Google Docs and 5 PDFs all link in similar fashion. and point them at one of the clouds. The juice flows thru all clouds with the only out being to your target URL.

Cloud Sites
Pure authoritative Link Juice
 Google Cloud DA68
Amz S3 DA 87
MS Azure DA 61
Github DA98
P Cloud DA 40
BackBlaze (A25
Alibaba DA 45
Rackspace DA 91

Link report of clouds and drive files

--- No Ranking Guarantees
link report for clouds provided

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11 months ago
Wow - great work! What did I get? 8 cloud pages set up how I expected - pages included S3, google cloud, microsoft cloud, and a few others. Then there were 5 google docs and 5 pdfs in google drive linking to the cloud pages. Also there was what appears to be a money robot blast to the cloud pages. I am very happy with the result for my $25 and I will be ordering again for my other websites. Too soon to see any ranking performance improvement but from my experience with cloud stacking there will be positive results in the next weeks/months
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Online 4 days ago



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USA. We build over 120K links/embeds every month for satisfied repeat customers .

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