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No stock, No Warehouse, No headaches, all items are easily Dropship direct from the supplier. Orders Book online and items sent directly to your customers takes around only 30 sec.



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What is Drop Shipping?


Dropshipping is a money-saving shipping method that does not require the salesperson to keep goods in stock. When a consumer purchases an order, the salesperson orders the goods directly from a wholesaler. The customer is still receiving their purchase, but it is shipped to them from a completely different company. Dropshipping is a low-risk shipping and business tactic because the salesperson has no need to spend large amounts of money on inventory. It is a highly desirable method for new entrepreneurs because of the high success rate at basically no cost, and it is a good way to monetize a website.


A drop-shipper acts as a middleman between the wholesaler (the owner of the items) or the manufacturer (the creator of the items) and the buyer. A drop-shipper does not own the items that they sell, but by being the middleman, they typically make the most of the profits. It puts them at an advantage over other retailers because of the ability to spend profits on marketing tactics, advertisements, and higher-priced items. A wholesaler benefits from dropshipping by receiving constant sales from multiple drop shippers, making their business a constant form of earning money.


Drop shipping is beneficial for numerous reasons. First of all, drop shippers are able to offer hundreds more items than other retailers. This comes from a drop shipper's ability to be associated with numerous wholesalers. Because they do not actually purchase the items, drop shippers do not lose money from too much inventory. Secondly, this method runs in any part of the world; as long as the drop-shipper has an internet connection, their business is up and running. Finally, the workload is light due to the wholesaler doing the shipping. A dropshipping method is good for new entrepreneurs because they can learn as they go without too much risk.



This is how it works



You sell an item on your New Drop shipping site for $45.

You enter the customer's details in your Wholesaler account and pay $15, then the Wholesaler sends directly to your customer with Free Shipping and Tracking provided.

Leaving you with $30 profit for 1 single sale.

Very simple, high profit, high volume format.





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Not a problem at all! This website is completely user friendly. This website is absolutely perfect for newbie.

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