Combo Deal: GStack + PBNs + Diversity


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Combo Deal: GStack + PBNs + Diversity

Without wasting your time let me first show you what we offer in this new service, Please read below to understand more about our service.

Packages and Pricing:

Basic: $149

Adept: $299

Masterful: $499

What you get?

Google Entity Stacking (10 Properties)


 About This Service

Ranking on the 1st page of Google is NECESSARY if you actually want to join the BIG leagues.

There are a lot of services out there that boast of helping you reach the #1 position.

I will call them out on their BS. 98% of them can't guarantee your rankings.


We actually DON'T.

What we do instead GUARANTEE is that you will see positive movement in your rankings and if done correctly reach the top 2 pages.



To be fair- we have seen sites that have not been indexed move to the top 2 SERPs. Let us call it the Bronze zone.

 and then there are those who breach the top 10 positions(Silver Zone)

And of course, there are those that have jumped to the #1 position.(Top 5: Gold)



A: A package that can give your competitors a run for their money.

 Most SEO packages that you see on the market focus on just one or maybe 2 aspects of SEO.

When in fact the Google algorithm is so complex that even 20 aspects will not be enough to ascertain your ranks.


 Let me give you a run-down on how our service works:

1. On-Page SEO:

    Before we start building links to your page, we ensure that your site is optimized with the BEST on-page SEO practices.

    This ensures that any subsequent link building can bring out the maximum positive movement through the SERPs.


2. Selecting the Anchors:

    We choose a handful of anchors according to the necessary SEO practices. The anchors chosen are branded, naked and generic in nature.

    The anchors chosen are relevant to the niche and keyword that are used at the same time making sure that they don't mess up the density of the keywords.


3. The Link Building:

    We now build the tier-1 links. The content on all Tier-1 links will be unique and handwritten.

    Once the Tier-1 links are done then we fire them up with the Tier-2 and Tier-3 links. Tier-2 and 3 links will be made using the latest GSA lists.



1. Google Entity Stack:

The following google properties will be covered under this:

1. Google Public Folder

2. Google Doc

3. YouTube

4. Google drawing

5. Blogger

6. Google spreadsheets

7. Google forms

8. Google calendars

9. Google maps

10. Google presentations

“Google loves Google and all its properties.”

What better way to rank in a Google search than to use Google’s own network to boost up your site.

There are a lot of Google properties where we can add a link and those sites index fast and those provide a good push for your site.

All these properties will be utilized to create a stack i.e., Google Entity Stack which is now a key player for branding and a lot of agencies are using entity stacking for their clients.

By powering up these links, you can seriously increase both your Domain Authority and Page Authority

Another added advantage of Google entity stacking is that since the links are present in Google properties the ranking effects of this method are long- term.

2. Social profiles:

Branding is really important, social profiles give that extra oomph to the site.

Sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc have high Page Authority. They thus provide the essential edge which helps you rank your sites.

3. Web2.0s:

High-quality web2.0s like Wordpress, Tumblr etc with terms of service, cookie policy, about and contact page tells Google that this web2.0 is an active site.

UNIQUE Handwritten content will make sure that these properties are there for ages to come.

Note: We use generic keywords and long tail keywords like "Best Coffee machines that can be used at offices on weekdays and home on weekends."​​​​​​

4. Authority profiles:

Profiles on major sites with HIGH DOMAIN AUTHORITY. This is essential for BRANDING.

5. PBN links:

The strongest type of link there is. These are helpful to rank quickly and you can use long tails on PBN links.

Note: long tails work best, the exact keyword should be used 1% of the time or whatever looks natural.

6. Social Bookmarks:

Sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc have the option to bookmark your sites and provide you with a wider user base that can now access your site. This helps in providing incoming links to your site.

7. Social Signal:

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc have millions of users worldwide. We use this user base to spread the site around the world which shows Google that your site is shared and helps it rank better.

8. NAP:

It stands for Name, Address, Phone number. To make a name for yourself and rank higher in your region- that is local search engine rankings, NAP is essential.

9. Image Submission:

Sites like Pinterest, Imgur, etc will be used to drop your logos or infographics.

What makes my links better than a couple dozen other sellers?

Well, I’ve been an SEO geek for as long as I can remember. I have successfully managed to make countless clients gain an unfair advantage over their competitors using PBNs.

• Our PBNs are hosted only on A and B class IPs and we use PREMIUM hosting providers.

• Our domains have high-quality link Referring Domains (RD 35+ on avg. acc to AHREFS) with a good matrix with PA DA TF over 15.

• The design on every website is unique and there is almost zero footprint.

• Each article is unique and of 300-700 words.

My team and I achieve this by testing links on our dummy sites first and offer to the public second, ensuring you get only the very best.

We also continually test what works and what doesn’t to bring out new services that are in line with Google’s policies.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What niches are off limits?

A. The usual. We don’t do adult, gambling, or the like. Nothing illegal in short.

Q. What is the turn around time(TAT) of the orders?

A. Our TAT will vary between 15-25 days depending upon the package you have selected.

Q. Do we accept foreign language sites?

A. We do. But the content will be in English.

Q. How long will it take for you to see the results?

A. You will start seeing results in 45 days once your links are crawled by Google and indexed.

Q. What will you get at the end of the order period?

A. You will receive a full report from us regarding the live links.

Q. What are the limitations to the number of URLs and keywords?

A. 1 to 3 URLs based on the package that you have ordered. 1 main keyword per URL and any long-tails.

PS: Even a noob can order this service as WE cover every aspect of link building for YOU.

Q. How long would your posts stay on our network sites?

A. The PBN posts will remain on the site till the domains are active. We also provide a 3 months guarantee for the Tier-1 links.

Q. Do we provide these services individually apart from the package?

A. Yes, we do. Contact us and we'll do it according to your budget and needs.

 Q. What is the refund policy?

A. Due to the nature of service, we can't offer any refunds.

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Helped me rank my youtube video in google. Recommended.


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Top Class.


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Good backlinks helped me in anchor diversification and boosted overall ranking.


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Complete seo package A+ to ranksolutions.


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Good Job. Thanks.


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great thanks


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Great thanks. Look forward to results


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Amazing service and impressed with the report it is very detailed and I hope to see some movements.

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