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YouTube SEO Domination

#1 rankings for local SEO and game hack videos

OK ye cunts, listen up. I've put up this package because I'm sick and tired of people complaining that YouTube is dying and it's impossible to make money. We're the only service on Konker that focuses entirely on YouTube SEO and ranking #1 for local SEO and game hack CPA keywords. 

Let's just say we pride ourselves in this niche and we like to consider ourselves masters at this craft. We will help you rank your local SEO and game hack CPA YouTube videos using a ranking strategy that we have uncovered after years of failing. This strategy took a long time to work on but we've finally worked out how to game the system. 

In this service, we will rank your keywords on YouTube for only these 2 categories:
  1. Local SEO
  2. Game hack CPA
In the future, we will increase this to other niches but for now, we are only taking on customers in these 2 categories. 

How much is this service?

This service will cost you a measly $39.00. That's right fuck face. You get to experience #1 rankings on YouTube for as little as $39.00. Don't complain if you see it rise in the future!

What niches are suitable for this service?

If you have a game hack CPA keyword you're trying to rank, or a local business man/gal trying to get more leads, then this service is for you. We focus especially on this niches only and not on any YouTube niche. We may accept other affiliate niches in the future but for now, it's mostly CPA/local SEO niches.

Any discount coupons?

LOL, don't ask silly questions. If $39.00 is out of your reach, then I'm not sure what to say. This is as cheap as it comes, and with the quality you get, you'd be barking mad not to jump in on this ranking service.

What exactly do you do?

We can't exactly reveal step by step on this sales page what we do, but let's just say, it's technical mumbo jumbo that the common SEO guy fails to understand. We have built a ranking system that has worked for us and is generating us money like clockwork. We rank our own videos using a system that we've come up with after years of failing to rank. 

What do I get at the end of the service?

You will get a report indicating what work has been done, how it will help you, a guide on how to find more keywords for your YouTube SEO shenanigans and other useful golden nuggets that we can't just list down here.

If you're looking to generate more moolah, then this service is for you. Order now before I decide to take this service off forever. 

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Alright you cunts, listen up. I may be new to Konker but I'm DEFINITELY not new to SEO. I've been in this business for 4 years and since then I have created some badass Amazon Affiliate sites that are generating me $15,000 per month..I've decided to help out to Konker and help you all out.

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