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Real Sites from Real Authors!

Do you want to see results? Do you want to see Metrics? Message us!

Ranking can't possibly get any easier with links like this! Our team has used these links and connections with site authors for years getting amazing results throughout all the different algorithm updates that have come up. The reason? Safe and real backlinking!

Why do you need real authority links?

• To rank higher in the search engines, google specifically you will need links pointing to your sites, that's a given. And those links must have real authority in google's eyes, you won't get that with expired domains or web 2.0s, even if the content is amazing and their backlink profile is outstanding.

• Getting content backlinks from real sites that get natural traffic and have never expired or gone through crazy re-designs is the ONLY way to tell Google that your site carries proper authority and that it should push you UP

• It's not uncommon to see movements in the serps after 5-7 days with these links; compared to PBNs that you might end up waiting weeks or even months to see some movement from what you did. Which is also why it makes more sense to get real links, you will see results much faster.

What are the metrics for the Sites?

  • They're amazing! That's what they are... If you don't see the value of a link in an AGED real website with relevant content then... what are you doing?

How does this work? What do you actually get?

• You will get a powerful link within the content of an aged post/page from a real website. It is not a homepage link, these aren't filthy pbns.

• You will need to provide me with the anchor text and the URL that you want linked, we will place the links wherever it makes the most sense within a relevant article in said website. You can also provide a small sentence (10 words max) to wrap your anchor text in, so that it reads perfectly in every single link placement.

• After ordering you will receive a report with the links and a free re-index submission to speed up the ranking crawl process. (Keep in mind the metrics for the sites are based on the majestic fresh index, not ahrefs, not moz, not semrush, majestic).

• We will place the link in a niche-relevant post/property.

• If for some reason you want a replacement or your link expires, we will replace it for free.

• Content in these sites is natural, it's non-seo and done by the actual editors and owners of the websites. (this means you can't submit your articles, look elsewhere for that)


  • - The links are permanent.
  • - Foreign keywords and websites accepted.
  • - I CAN show you samples.
  • - Sample list provided so you can see the average metrics.
  • - TAT is 5 days.
  • - Refund policy if the link is removed available.
  • - We DO accept Pharma/Gambling/Adult, etc we have a separate inventory for that

For higher metrics or bulk orders message me!

Sample Sites:

Results from our clients: 

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11 months ago
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11 months ago
Great thanks
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11 months ago
fast service, quality domain, just as described
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11 months ago
great links as usual
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11 months ago
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11 months ago
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11 months ago
Very happy with the link - highly relevant. Now it's time to see the needle moving in SERPs.
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11 months ago
Thank you
Thumb man
12 months ago
The link delivered is exactly as expected. It's on a relevant site with a perfectly relevant page. Quality is good considering the price. Page was PA 18, DA 15, 400 IBL to root.
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12 months ago
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