★★DFY White Hat Niche Edit Link Placements★★ - (Upto RD 1000)

10 days estimated (15 days guaranteed) >
5 days on average


Curate Links On Already Indexed Articles On Real Sites with Backlinks

• Not PBNs • Not SAPE • Obviously NOT web 2.0s
• In-content links with GREAT AUTHORITY

Real Sites from Real Authors!

Ranking can't possibly get any easier with links like this! Our team has used these links and connections with site authors for years getting amazing results throughout all the different algorithm updates that have come up. The reason? Safe and real backlink Building!

Instant As Well As Long Yield

The links that we source for your site are permanent in nature so that your site reaps a quick and a long term yield. As the sites that we place links on are real blogs, you site also gets the benefits as these blogs continue to grow over time. If for any reason, you notice the backlink missing, we’re just a message away to get it live again for get you the replacement link within 6 months of ordering.

Niche-Relevance with Backlink Authority

Search Engines prefer links coming pointing to your site to be from sites that relevant to your niche/service or product for its algorithm to work at best to promote your content. You enjoy complete control over choice of niche to source links from, and we try to place the links on real, seasoned articles that are closely relevant to your site’s broader niche. This is the how the backlinks should always be built – relevant and within the purview of the page being linked to.

Key Domain Metrics

In Contrast to off-beat metrics like DA/PA, we use Referring Domains and niche relevancy as a benchmark to offer Niche Edit Links. Backlink health is yet another factor, that we consider for any site to be included on our Niche Edits Network. Our filtration process knock off an unbelievable amount of sites before we take them on our network.

Why do you need these authority links?

•To rank higher in the search engines, google specifically you will need links pointing to your sites, that's a given. And those links must have super authority in google's eyes, you won't get that with expired domains or web 2.0s, even if the content is amazing and their backlink profile is outstanding.

• The reason 2.0s and PBNs aren't ideal is because many things can go wrong, google KNOWS when a site expired and got picked up by someone else and started running a blog on it despite never being a blog, google KNOWS what a web 2.0 is and why SEOs use them. There are also countless footprints that can take whole networks down and taint the sites that they pointed at, simply because it's obvious it was done for SEO purposes only.

• Getting content backlinks from real sites that get natural traffic and have never expired or gone through crazy re-designs is the ONLY way to tell Google that your site carries some proper authority and that it should push you up the serps.

• It's not uncommon to see movements in the serps after 1-2 days with these links; compared to PBNs that you might end up waiting weeks or even months to see some movement from what you did. Which is also why it makes more sense to get real links, you will see results much faster.

• Don't be surprised if within a 3-7 days you see massive movements after a single link, it just proves how much better real sites are.

Here's How Our Inventory Looklike!

•Referring domains: From 10 all the way to 2000.
•Trust Flow: From 5 all the way to 40+
•DA (for anyone that still uses it): From 10 all the way to 50+

How does this work? What do you actually get?

• You will get a powerful link within the content of an aged post/page from a real website. It is not a homepage link since these websites keep updating content and as I mentioned quite a bit before, these are not pbns.

• Standard link is 50+ referring domains and TF 5+ (SEE EXTRAS FOR BETTER METRICS)

• You will need to provide me with the anchor text and the URL that you want linked, we will place the links wherever it makes the most sense within a relevant article in said website. You can also provide a small sentence (10 words max) to wrap your anchor text in, so that it reads perfectly in every single link placement.

• After ordering you will receive a report with the links and a free re-index submission to speed up the ranking crawl process.

• We will place the link in a niche-relevant website.

• If you're concerned that the website editor/owner will eventually change the layout or the posts and remove your link, we will replace it with a link of equal power completely free, we keep track of all the placed links and check every day if they are alive or not. No links have been removed thus far even for our own projects and we've been doing this for years, however if that were the case, we will replace it at no cost.

• Content in these sites is natural, it's non-seo and done by the actual editors and owners of the websites.

For higher metrics or bulk orders, message me!


What is Niche Insert/Edit?

Niche Edit Link placements refer to backlinks from already indexed Web properties with proven authority and historical footprints. These web assets are considered to be have a better Page Rank compared to backlinks from a newly published post.

Do You Share the live URL?

Yes, we share the live url once the the link is placed, unlike low quality/shady PBNs, denying to share proof. You have a complete knowledge of properties, and cross check their backlink health as well.

Do You Share the URLs in advance to choose from?

Sorry, as we’re serving a large clientele with orders ranging in 100s every month, it just isn’t practical for us to offer pick & choose opportunity.

Do they Really Work?

Yes, absolutely like a charm! Since such websites have live traffic and the bloggers are choosy about the relevancy of the resource to their own niche, they are sharing their link to, there’s no reason, why they won’t work.

What is Your TAT?

While we claim to deliver in up to 14 days, normally we deliver in less than 10 days.

How Safe Are They?

Don’t worry, they nothing black hat about niche inserts. As link aggregators, we have been building our network of bloggers since last 3 years and its just another way of helping these bloggers monetise their websites in exchange of links. We guarantee minimum of 6 months placement with a replacement link.

How Fast can I expect results?

You can expect to see the effect in 10-15 days. However, results are something that depends on your own understanding of link building strategy. As vendors, we have little control over this and can only ensure the metrics that we promise in our packages.

Do you offer discounts for a Monthly Signup?

Yes, we serve agencies with 100s of link requirements every month, you can get in touch with us and share your budget/requirements for us to offer a custom pricing.

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I made it clear to the seller that my content is aimed at an audience from The Far East. He placed my site on nigerianfinder.com -- Won't change it, and replied "There is not where we have mentioned in the sales page that we will give links which are geo targeted"
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Looks like the overall idea of ordering this service is to give negative feedback only. 
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The only thing accurate about this listing is that it is one hair above a PBN
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Prompt service, and backlink was well placed.
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Great job setting up these domains. They look great
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Awesome - thanks
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Excellent work once again! The site was indexed at lightening speed. Thanks
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Thanks great job again!
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Great work and right on time! Thanks
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