| ULTRA PREMIUM PBN Links | Minimum 25 TF | Proven Ranking Results |

8 days estimated (12 days guaranteed) >
6 days on average


PA 22 to 45; TF 25 to 36


Yes! Minimum Guaranteed TF of my Network is 25!

Its NOT UPTO 25 or Average 25. Its Minimum 25

Price will go up to $21 after I launch my PBN service of TF 17 to 24

Latest Ranking Update:

1) SERP Evolution of a med comp Local Business in last 7 days: (with 5 PBN Links )

2) Client's Money Site is a Local Business Site with medium Competition. He ordered 5 PBN Links (from here - http://bit.ly/2vYDi1m) and Standard social signal (from here - http://bit.ly/2PgRSJj) to the 5 PBN Links and Money Site. Links went live and got gradually indexed in 2 weeks and socials done in parallel. As of last weekend (after 3 weeks) the site moved to spot 6 from spot 11/12 for the main target keyword besides improvement in other keyword ranking. It also moved to spot 3 in local map snack pack from 5th spot.

3) I suggest ordering at least 5 Links package for Low Competition, 10 or 15 Links package for Medium competition and 20 links package for High competition. The Basic package of $18 for 1 link is only for trial and testing my service and promptness. Do NOT expect any Rank movement with just 1 link.

If you want any other custom quantity, Please message me and I will create a custom order for you.


Checkout my Other Bestseller Services - http://bit.ly/2OhVc7t


All PBNs are hosted with different servers and with different NAPs to leave NO Footprint.

I have chosen each of them with checking detail link history to avoid any spam links.

These can be used to your money site or tier-1/2 links, social profiles, youtube videos, local directory listing page etc.

The Niches I currently Cover are:

  1. Automobile
  2. Business
  3. Education
  4. Health
  5. Home Improvement
  6. Shopping and Fashion
  7. Technology
  8. Travel
  9. General

If I can't match your niche I will post it to my General Niche PBNs.

You get:

  • About 300+ word article,100% Unique, hand-written Article

  • Link to your site (URL) with your chosen anchor text (max 2 links per order)
  • Permanent DO FOLLOW Link
  • Link privacy on every PBN
  • Guaranteed Natural Indexing
  • Free Drip-Feed on multiple order to same site
  • Free embed of your YouTube video / Google Map / Infographic / Image in the post
  • Full Link Report

I add link to authority sites randomly in some posts.

**No Adult or Erectile dysfunction sites.


Checkout my Other Bestseller Services - http://bit.ly/2OhVc7t

I have been bombarded with many queries from buyers. I will try to answer most common ones of them here:

1)     Why do you provide “Full Link Report” while others provide only “Partial Screenshot Report”?

Is my site safe if your network is exposed as you provide “Full Link Report”?

In my experience providing Link doesn’t harm your site in any manner. First of all, even if I do not provide link report you (or even your competitor) can find it out by tracking your backlinks. So, as a buyer (or competitor) if you want to do any harm to my network, you can anyways do so but it will harm your own website.

Now if competitors want to harm by blasting my PBN, I keep track of the backlinks of my network and if I see any abnormality, I drop that PBN and give my buyers a replacement with a new article. But this has never happened with me so far in last 2+ years.

The only important thing in maintaining a PBN network and using it to rank sites safely is “leaving no footprint for Google”. If this is taken care of all else is easy.

Moreover, I think by providing partial screenshot report the transparency of the service that one provides doesn’t remain. What if the buyer removes the link after a few months? What if the post doesn’t remain on homepage at all? And, what if you want to change something in your post or want to remove it at a later date?

So, to remain transparent to my buyers on what they are buying and what I am providing, I provide full Link report.

2)     How did you build your network? What’s your network size?

Currently my network size is 130+ and it’s growing.

I have been building PBNs and using them to rank sites since 2015. I followed Source University (Alex Becker), Lion Zeal (Daryl Rosser), Matthew Woodward Blog and OMG to build my network. Above all of these my experience in using PBNs for ranking many sites helped me to improve my expertise in developing my PBN Network.

The steps that I follow are:

Scraping for Expired Domains

Checking Majestic Metrics – TF/CF >25 and TF/CF ratio within 1.25

Checking DA / PA > 20

Checking the archive history of the domain

Checking the past backlink history to avoid spammed or SEOd domains

Registering the Domain Name – each domain is registered with different registrars with different unique NAP

Hosting – each PBN is hosted in different servers with different IP using different unique NAP

Design – Different themes and layouts in each PBN to avoid any footprint


3)     What tool do you use for fast Indexing of links?

I don’t use anything for force indexing. I strongly wait for only natural indexing to avoid alarming google. It doesn’t take more than a week. If you don’t have that patience, then I recommend social signals to the link.

4)     How can you provide Links at such a low price than others, especially if you say your PBN are so good?

Well, think of this as a limited time launch offer on KonKer. To gain visibility, current price is set low for limited time to get good reviews. Hurry up to get some freebies as well!

5)     Do you spin articles? What tool do you use for spinning?

Never! All articles are hand-written, copyscape and grammarly passed.


Checkout my Other Bestseller Services - http://bit.ly/2OhVc7t

If you still got any queries, message me and I will come back to you in 24 hours max.


If the Extras don't fit to your need message me for Custom Order

Checkout my Other Bestseller Services - http://bit.ly/2OhVc7t

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4 months ago
Got my delivery as promised. High metrics blogs with nicely written articles. Hats off to this seller.
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4 months ago
Excellent work with very high quality PBNs.
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5 months ago
cheers, thanks again
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5 months ago
Always a pleasure using this seller!!!
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5 months ago
Excellent work and fast. Quality pbn
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7 months ago
Thank You
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7 months ago
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7 months ago
Well done. Just as ordered. High level of attention to detail and fast delivery. Excellent reports, as always. Good metrics.
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7 months ago
Report provided looks like all links are there and in-context. Happy with the result.
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7 months ago
Delivered really fast, and had good communication. Links seem to be pretty strong too. GOod PBN gig for sure.
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