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The only outreach link partner you'll ever need.
100% Money Back Guarantee on first orders!

Who else can offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you're unhappy for any reason?

Hint: We've successfully delivered nearly 3000 orders, with no refunds requested on any of them.

Don't believe us? Just check our refund rate in the right-hand sidebar.

We don't need a fancy infographic to sell this. You're going to be mind-blown by the sheer authenticity of the links we secure for our clients. Forget PBN's, forget web 2.0's - this is the real deal and the holy grail of link building.

We all know Curated Links (Niche Edits) are the best thing since sliced bread. Nothing comes close to the raw, sheer power of these links.

Why? Well, we go and do outreach on your behalf to real webmasters who own real sites. We then work with them to secure you a link in existing content. We then secure the link and ping Google to get it re-indexed and re-cached. The results are phenomenal and speak for themselves!

What are Curated Links / Niche Edits?

Curated Links (also known as Niche Edits) refer to a link that has been added to a post or page that already exists, and has already been indexed or cached by Google. They are extremely powerful for SEO, and as whitehat as they come.

They are different from Guest Posts - because with a guest post, you get a link from a new post or page that hasn't built any authority or strength internally.

Curated Links (Niche Edits) offer much stronger link weight due to the fact that Google has already indexed and cached the content, and the post/page has already built authority internally.

We don't use any PBN's or sites that we own ourselves. Every single link you get will come from a REAL website, owned by a REAL person with GENUINE content written for a real audience. These links are the holy grail of SEO - nothing comes close to the sheer SEO power and authority of these backlinks.

Starting from just $40 per link, here's what you'll get:
  • 100%, natural and genuine whitehat outreach
  • A link placed on a 100% real website, owned by a real person, writing REAL content
  • A site with a minimum of RD100+
  • A contextual DOFOLLOW link
  • A link on a page or post that is RELEVANT to your niche
  • For RD500+ links, we now also guarantee traffic over 500
We don't mess around - we're the highest quality Curated Link (Niche Edit) provider on Konker!

Want to give us a test? Order ONE link for $40, and we'll refund you if you're not happy. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!!

Want to bulk order? Choose the options to order either 5 or 10 link packages which have discounts included!

Please Note: We do not promise any sort of metrics when it comes to TF, CF, DA or any other metrics. This gig is purely for RD100+, RD200+ and RD500+ domains (domains which have at least 100, 200 or 500 links pointing to them). While most will have strong metrics in other areas (like TF), we cannot guarantee these metrics will be above a certain level.
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