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I have around 20 years experience with Linux and network security. I will do an audit of your website and specifically WordPress to see if there are any security vulnerabilities.

Then I will provide you with a report on the details of what I have found as well as a list of recommendations on how to resolve the issues listed.

The cleanup from a hacked WordPress site can be costly and time consuming. Preventative checks and security measures are much easier and cheaper than cleaning up after a site has been compromised. I've been there, I've had sites with PHP droppers that got my sites penalized because suddenly there were spam links. Clean up was a pain in the neck and the after effects took a while to recover from.

Trust me when I say prevention is much better and easier than fixing it afterwards.

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I'm an experienced Linux administrator and Network engineer with a deep understanding of SEO and SEM techniques and concepts. I have over 15 years of experience with SEO and SEM and over 20 years of network administration, security, Linux support administration and web development experience.

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