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Direct messaging all day every day can be tough so we've put together this new service which allows you to send a custom message to new and current followers and even custom lists.

All users can be filtered based on how many followers they have, language, keywords and even whether they have a business account, phone number, website or not.

All plans 30 days 

Starter - Includes sending up to 500 messages over 30 days to new and current followers. We have seen this being used to send updates and newsletters effectively. Reach out to influencers or even start a conversion with people in your industry. Included in this package 


Professional Sender - Send up to 1,000 messages over 30 days but also target users via hashtags. Get creative and precisely target users via event hashtags or even your competitors fan base.

Mass Outreach - Send unlimited amounts of messages to new and current followers and users via locations, users who comment or like certain posts or a competitor, hashags, tagged users, people that view your stories or premade specific lists.

The maximum amount of messages recommended to be sent out per month is around 3,000.
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Brands Choose Us Because We Just Do It And Get Results! Social First Leading UK Agency. Portfolio ranging from SME to fortune companies.Currently under priced via here while we grow on this platform.

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