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as recommended by Stalin, Satan and my mom

I will do the following and i dont do pachages as i do the full monty on all orders. 

i could go on and on with fancy words like backlink reports checking top 10. utilizing every known respectable keyword tool out there ahrefs semrush serpwoo moz buzzsumo longtailpro keywordsnatcher to create the fullest most comprehensive keyword gig on konker but i wont because i hate copy and just want nerd out on keywords

ill lat least list some features in a feeable attempt to entice you


find the most shared and popular content in your niche so you can get an idea of what content to produce, and give a report on users who shared the content. giving you a good list for an outreach
campaign. Find the top influencers in your niche.

I will uncover what people might have for questions regarding your niche so that you can make sure your site has content providing these answers

keyword research
I will do extensive keyword research and find those easy ranking keywords, as well as find the buyer intent money keywords. I won't stop till I find them, not just throw a seed word in a tool and export the results like other 5$ gigs

content strategy
I will format a report so you easily get an overview of what your content strategy could look like.and suggest complementary content that google likes

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