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Website Video Analysis

I will do a complete website video analysis for you. Either a website that you received in your discovery form or your SEO agency. This will be a short and to the point video analysis to show the opportunity points of what you can do for this potential client.

Exactly from what Kotton teaches in OMG.

I fully understand that recording a screencast for your video analysis can be a headache as you have a lot of other stuff to be done.

This is why I am offering my services to record a video analysis for you.

Main tools used:
-Screaming Frog

These videos often last 10 to 20 minutes but from my findings, clients tend to wan to see the high points or in other words the opportunity points that you can help them out on.

Note: this video analysis will not say any company names, I will substitute them with words like "we"

This order is for one video analysis of one website, if more are needed then please let me know.
I will change the recording once if needed but no more than that.

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