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Introducing the Ultimate Weapon for Ranking your Local Keywords.

We have helped over 400 customers rank their websites since we launched this service. 100% Positive Reviews. Our Local Magic PCN is optimized for your local targeted keywords. Perfect for ranking local businesses/services in the Snack Pack. We have architected a new, non-spammy way to harness the POWER of PBN links, Guest Posts, and Local Citations all wrapped up into one amazing package!

Our Exclusive Private Citation Network (PCN) actually gains strength and authority over time because the articles we provide are well written, keyword researched, and get ranked. Most average PBN links are in poorly written articles that can barely get indexed, let alone get ranked. So how would you expect an article that can't rank itself to help your site rank any better?

"We guarantee you a Great Backlink"

Level-Up your Local SEO with our one-of-a-kind Local Citation PBNs!

Our articles are designed to look like Guest Posts featuring the local company or service you are promoting, interlinked with a Super-Charged Citation in the site's directory showcasing your local company as an expert on the topic.

"It's a Mega Blast of Localized Relevance without the negative effect of looking like spam"

Everybody is asking... What the heck is a PCN?

A PCN is a Private Citation Network (we invented the concept). It's like a PBN but it's a private network of citation-based websites. Our PCN consists of sites similar in nature to Yelp and other types of Citation sites, but we control the network and who gets in. So in a way we are kind of like Yext, a service that manages multiple citation websites.

But we didn't stop there, what makes our PCN special and arguably better than a Yelp backlink is that all of our sites are hybrid PBN/PCN/Guest Post sites as well. So each citation is reinforced with a keyword researched, niche relevant article that Google will love. 90% of our articles are ranking within the top 100 for their focus keyword, which is a huge ranking signal for your citation and money site.

So, if you and your competitors have the same "building-block" citations, then adding in a few of our super strong citations could pull your site ahead of the competition.

Expert Juice (AKA E-A-T) since the inception of our PCN.

Little did you, we've been giving you EAT (Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness) in all our Guest posts since the beginning of our PCN network. All of our posts link out to your business as a Trusted Expert or Authority on the Topic being discussed in addition to other high authority sources. This strategy places your business in "good company" with other relevant authority sites.

Now that it's common SEO knowledge that EAT plays a role in ranking websites, it's also a reason why our posts actually rank so well in Google!

Amazing Facts about the sites in our PCN

  • They all get REAL traffic!
  • A majority of the articles we post RANK in Google!
  • Many of the articles even get PAGE 1 rankings!
  • Our sites are GROWING in authority with every customer order!
The bottom line is that Google Trusts and Rewards our Network!

    What You Get

    • A Report of the Links we create!
    • A unique 800+ word "Guest Post" looking article
      • Keyword researched to RANK
      • Focused on your Niche Topic
      • Your backlink in a natural/non-spammy way (Brand or Naked)
      • A Keyworded Link to your on-site Citation for SUPER POWER RELEVANCE
      • Premium GEOTAGGED Image
      • GUARANTEED Indexing
      • We only use USA-based Writers!
    • A Citation (NAP listing) in the site's local service directory
      • A Super Power Citation backlink to your site (Branded or Naked)
      • Company description
      • GEOTAGGED logo
      • Embedded MAP
      • Optional embedding of your Video
      • Social links
      • A custom business review by us

    Private Blog Network Details

    • Easily Pass Manual Reviews
    • Real Trafic
    • Growing Authority
    • We add NEW site every month! Collect Them All!
    • TF 15+ and DA 15+ Average
    • 20+ referring domains minimum (According to Majestic)
    • Spam Checked (Squeaky clean backlink/anchor text profile)
    • Indexed  
    • Unique (Different themes for each site and not stock generic garbage)
    • Zero footprints (No interlinking, different hosts, different registrar emails etc..)


    What is the difference between your private citation network and regular citations such as yelp?
    The difference is that anyone can get a Yelp citation and normal citation links also lack contextual relevance, so despite the authority of Yelp, the power of its citation link isn't as strong as you think. We have a private network of Yelp-like sites, that give you exclusive citations, plus a high-quality article with each one to give your citation contextual relevance. So the result is a very powerful contextual relevant and local relevant backlink.

    Is this service only for local businesses?
    Yes, this is only for actual businesses. Businesses that have a verified Google My Business account. No fake businesses, no PO Boxes. This is NOT for Rank-and-Rent or Lead-Gen websites. MUST HAVE A VERIFIED Google My Business Listing! MUST BE A REAL BUSINESS! I will phone verify.

    Do you provide reports?

    Do you allow Pharma/Pills/Porn/Adult/Black Hat Stuff/Payday Loans?
    No. This is only for local Businesses.

    If I buy more than 1 post, do they go on different blogs?
    Yes, we have a small network of these types of sites. We'll grow the network as our orders grow.

    What countries will this work for?
    USA prominently, but we can also accommodate other English speaking countries. Note that our sites all have USA majority focus and relevance.

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    Great service. Will use again.
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    Hi thanks for the service! Rated 5 stars!
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    What a winner! Jumped from page 4 to page 1 one multiple kw.
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    Really good work done! Will order more for my site. Links are good and content well written.
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    Great service! Looking forward to results
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    We have jumped to the first page due to this service. I highly recommend them and I will continue using them in the future.
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    Great job. we will re ordering.
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    Great work, thanks!
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    So how many PCN and PBNs can I expect for 1 order? With all the explainations, you did not mention that instead
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    Well hello, there folks. Are you looking for a little magic to sprinkle on your local SEO efforts? If so, I have just the thing. Our Local focused PBNs are a clever mix of Guest Posting and Citation Directories. All websites need some magic, so give yours some!

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