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Single image ads on Facebook and Instagram have been getting fewer and fewer conversions these days. Set yourself apart with an eye-catching, engaging video ad for your Facebook or Instagram page, or an influencer post. 

I will make short, high-quality videos in the correct dimensions and optimized for Facebook or Instagram viewing.

I can add text borders, captions, or calls to action. 

You can either provide me with footage, or I will scour the internet for videos of aliexpress products, and I will edit them to display the product and how it is used. I will place royalty free music on the videos if the audio does not have instructions or is not necessary. 

Please note, some products have either no videos, or are in very bad quality. In these cases I will use HD photos of the product and make a video out of those (a nice one, with motion, transitions, captions, zooms, etc. not just a slideshow).

Send me a message on Konker or at [email protected] and let's talk about your ad! 
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I'm an aspiring digital entrepreneur currently working on starting an e-commerce store as well as managing Facebook ads on a freelance basis for clients. I take my work here on Konker very seriously as I am getting my start making money online!

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