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We are selling several data bases that we own consisting of useful information for upcoming artists and musicians that are looking to promote their new music videos and singles while creating opportunities and networking in the music industry.

This data base specifically comes in Excel format and features 350+ e-mails from bloggers that work on Complex Music, 2 Dope Boyz, The Daily Dose, Dead End Hip Hop, Earmilk, Fashionably Early, Hip Hop Since 1987, Pitchfork, Passion Weiss, XXL, Stereo Gum and several other online platforms that are reaching millions of music fans across the globe.

To be noticed: the contact information was shared publicly by the bloggers themselves on Social Media or by the website they perform their activity on. This is not stolen information and we are looking to be compensated for creating the data base only. We can also perform e-mail campaigns on demand. Please see our extra packs.

Disclaimer: The data base in cause was updated on 3/18/2017. Some e-mails might have been deleted in the mean time or have full inboxes. This is why we added 50 e-mails to be sure that we match the 350 quota.

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Online company dealing with Digital Marketing and Promotion. On Konker we are providing complete services for upcoming musicians that are looking for a new way to promote their craft.

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