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Do your handheld videos look shaky? Well, a lot of people can't afford expensive stabilizers for their cameras/phones. That's why I'll stabilize your video footage for you! The methods I use will allow you to chose if you want your video to have a smooth motion (for movement shots) or have no motion at all (make it look like your camera was on a tripod).

For only $5, I'll remove shakiness from a minute of your video. Your videos will look like pro cinematic shots that were taken with expensive stabilization equipment!

You will receive your video back in Full HD 1080p!

Also, please note that this is not a flawless method. If a video is all over the place, the stabilization might not work. That's why I suggest messaging me a sample video first, so I can figure out if it will work for you :)
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Hi! My name is Steven! Growing up, I loved playing around on my first computer and making stuff. Doing that for the last decade, I have learnt to film and edit high quality engaging videos, photoshop pictures to make them go from good to great, and run successful Social Media pages.

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