I will build 5000 SEO backlinks for google ranking

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Why go with us?
  • Most affordable and effective SEO service
  • Over 5.000+ websites,videos and web 2.0s helped in the past 2 years - see pictures 2,3
  • 2 Days average delivery time
  • We always OVERDELIVER

What are "BACKLINKS" and why do I need them?
They are mentions of your website, under keywords, on other websites. They are the number 1 factor that Google consider when its ranking something on 1st page.
Ranking higher it means more natural TRAFFIC for your site.

What is the secret of your service?
Difference between us and 99% of services sold on Fiverr is that we use a large number of contextuals (your backlinks will be placed in 400-600 words articles related as close as possible to your website niche). Contextual backlinks are much more powerfull than any other service.

Service features:
  • large diversity of platforms used: articles, web directories, forum profiles, social bookmarks, guestbooks, blog comments, wikis, etc
  • each platform is manually checked by us so we can ensure top quality for our costumers
  • articles are manually selected by us and spinned so we can assure are targeted as possible to your niche
  • domain list is updated bi-weekly so we can ensure a fresh service all the time
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