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Simple. I'm a level 8 guide,

Give me your business and your review and I'll review it and get the review listed

Give me a UNIQUE picture of your business and get it boosted as well.


The image is Extra but I will geo-tag the image so it looks like I took it with my camera (make things more realistic)


If you're outside of Colorado please write the review like I'm someone passing through if possible or I do business in the area. I do travel a bit outside the USA as well for real so any business shouldn't be a problem, if it is I'll let you know. But the review needs to be believable, so if need be I will alter your review to fit with a believeable local guide profile, because honestly it IS real. Same thing with the picture, please try to take a picture of the building or service, not pictures of people trying to act like it's me. I have tons of pictures of myself in reviews, so if anything ever happened it would be easy to see fake reviews.

I set this up for long term staying power. Please respect past and future customer orders and everything will compound itself for the betterment of the profile.

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about 2 years ago
Amazing service by the seller. Good job. Thanks.
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over 2 years ago
Awesome seller. highly recommended.
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over 2 years ago
Awesome service. Fast and friendly. Will be back for more.
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