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REMINDER: I will soon stop sending out the exclusive blueprint written by me worth $497. This is the same blueprint file I mentioned below, with which my newbie to internet marketing friend was able to make his first $$$ of passive income per month with YouTube.



 These keywords contain enormous power. Handle with extreme care.

Don't say I didn't warn you!

"Tell me about the keywords..."

My keywords are something my inner circle of SEO experts and I like to call 'hole in the floor keywords'.

These are keywords that no SEO or self-proclaimed Internet Marketer has laid their hands on.

They've simply been unable to find them, because they don't know about the proprietary software I've been building these past 17 months. I've been able to find KWs that simply have little-to-no competition. What does that mean? It means the SERPs are dominated by pages which are not optimized, not directly related to the keyword, and most importantly: Are ripe for the taking!

Here are some of the criteria all the keywords meet:

  • SERPs filled with weak pages that contain poor backlink profiles (often times none).
  • Irrelevant or unrelated pages showing up on Google's page one.
  • High affiliate commi$$ion value .
  • Will make you filthy fu**ing rich!

"C'mon RankSEO... why sell these AMAZING keywords? Surely you can rank and BANK with these easy-to-rank keywords?"

Did you just read my mind? How did you know about my legion of YouTube videos out in the wilderness?

You see, I've been doing exactly that since a while back. Creating and scraping simple, easy-to-use videos,and ranking them right to the top of the throne in Google's SERPs.

"Has it been easy?"

This is meant to be the part where I say no. BUT goddddamnn-right it has been easy. So easy - in fact - that I've got my hands full right now. I am only able to create so many niche videos that make affiliate commissions on a DAILY basis. That's the only reason why I'm creating this service.

In two months, I'm hiring 9 employees on-site to manage daily operations.

SO, let me put this another way:

In just TWO months, I'm ceasing all operations of this keyword service. I'll no longer be giving out my precious keywords to anyone.

The monie$$$ will be all mine!

Here's a few things you can do with the keywords:

  • Start your own Clickbank passve income stream.  In my exclusive report, I break down many of the components and tools that SKYROCKETED my success with this method...
  • Actually drop ship the products entirely...
  • Sell leads to businesses...
  • And after consistently earnings hundreds of dollars a month, you can even sell your videos for 12x monthly profit! (something I talk more about in the exclusive 3000+ word blueprint report...)

"Buuuuut... don't I have to be an advanced search engine optimizer to make BANK?"

Absolutely NOT.

To prove this to myself, since I'm experienced at SEO, I handed over one of my JUICY keywords to a good friend of mine. My friend? He sits behind a desk and answers calls all day long for an out-reach customer support company.

He had no IM experience.

Within just two to three months of receiving a keyword, and of-course my PERSONAL blueprint guide, he was able to rank #1 for his target KW!

He's now raking in an extra couple hundred buck$ and he's committed to joining IM full time. (he'll be my manager among the 9 employees forthcoming...)

SO, there you have it. I was able to prove to myself that just about ANYBODY can rank for these KWs, as long as they follow the exclusive blueprint report (soon I will not be giving this GOLDMINE of information out) attached along with the keyword which contains an unshared SEO section.

This was IMPORTANT to me, as I wanted to make sure I wasn't fooling myself with the competition analysis. The keywords really are THAT easy to rank, even a complete NEWBIE could rank them!

"What happens if your service fails completely? Is that the end of you..?"

Ha-ha! Actually, quite the opposite. I won't be breaking a sweat. What I'll do is I'll just store all of these keywords for use later down the road. OR I'll be giving them away as Christmas presents in December.

"Honey, what shall we get for your sister's newborn?"

"Cash Domination Keyword$ it shall be... time to get the kid on the grind!"

But seriously, I know these keywords are XTREMELY VALUABLE. There will always be demand for keywords like mine.

Just months down the road, the videos created from these keywords can sell for between $x,xxx - $xx,xxx

Doesn't hurt to have a couple hundred keywords like these lying around...

You'd have to be a fool not to see the value in them...

"Boo-Hoo! Why do I need you? I'll just find keywords on my own!"

Oh yeah. Go ahead. Hundreds of hours, and tens-of-thousands of dollar$ down the drain later, you might just have some keywords that are HALF as good as mine. Seriously. I've spent more hours than I can count, endlessly grinding away to perfect my - as I said earlier - proprietary keyword software. I know the ins-and-outs of how to find great keywords. Constantly, I'm adapting my software to new algorithm and software changes. Did you know MOZ changed their unique API recently? Do you even know what that means for people who create software like myself?

It takes dedication and hard work to stay on top of hundreds of changes in the keyword industry.

Oh, and I forgot to mention. My first FOUR iterations of the software failed horrendously, so don't think for a moment this is easy.

In my honest opinion, you'd be better suited to purchasing these KWs for only $20 (GODDD why am I selling these for so cheap!?), and saving the heartache, trouble, and headaches altogether.

Just to reiterate, this is what you'll be receiving:

  • One of my special, low-competition keywords, that contains 1000+ searches per month.
  • A blueprint report on what to do with the keyword, worth $497, that will guide you towards success with the keyword. This offer ends soon, as I don't want too many people getting their hands on this, so hurry to get your copy.

What are you waiting for?

Get your keyword now.

Click 'Order Now'

before I close the doors



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