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NOPE… No cliché headline or hook here.

Just a man who wants to help his fellow entrepreneurs get more sales and better their conversions.

 Anyways Here’s what it’s all about :

If you currently own or promote a business/product/ or service, I'm willing to bet I can improve your sales and conversions in less than a month...Hell I seen a 20% increase in 2 weeks with one of my clients.

Now, if you are thinking “ who the hell are you ” and you do happen to want some credentials… Well here they are:

My name is Jack and I’m at the launching pad of my copywriting career. But you see, I’m a little bit different from most copywriters… And Let me tell you why…

 I’ve been exclusively  trained by 8-figure copywriters….If that wasn’t enough, I was also accepted to be mentored under John Carlton’s #1 student where tens of thousands other copywriters applied and were denied.

You see, I’m telling you all of this because most  copywriters out there were never trained and never mentored by the living legends of the copywriting field.

You see…. I’m working with a full set of oils, while these other copywriters are doodling with their crayons…

Listen, if you haven’t thought about investing in an AMAZING copywriter yet (or a better one than you had before), you are making a HUGE, DEADLY, FATAL mistake.

 And let me tell you why.

It’s simple.

The most successful and influential companies in the world have great copywriters. A great copywriter can be the differentiator between a good business and a business that is streaming down floods of liquid cash, while magnetizing herds of people towards their business…

In this time of age, the attention span of a human being can be compared to that of a squirrel’s.

It is now more crucial than ever to have a magnetic lead and sales copy.

Without those two things, you might as well kiss your fortune away.

Now, before you put this letter down and continue your day, I want you to take a good look at your business…

Go ahead. I’ll give you a moment…

Because some time in the not so distant future, your business will either be in BIG trouble…

 Or hell… it might be ready to take its next giant step towards success…

 Whatever it may be, but when that time comes, you’ll be begging to have a copywriter like me by your side…

I wrote this letter, to let you know there’s a  TRAINED copywriter out there waiting for you. 

And that copywriter is me. I would love working with you, bettering sales and conversions on ALL of your products, and create herds of people craving for your next product

 The choice is yours… I know you’ll choose wisely.

P.S: Price depends on the amount of work and how big the project is. 

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