I will provide Administrative Support For Freelance Site For 30Days

5 days estimated (5 days guaranteed) >

Hello World !!

Today I'm Here to introduce my administrative support services to all world only for $50 Per month (30 days)

If your site is in Fiver script then best !!

If your site is any other Platform then no worries !!

Will Provide you support of 7/24/360 active support !!

No one (buyer,seller) will complain you regarding support!!

Characteristics of My services

1-Respond all the complain with in Minutes

2-Resolve the issues of BUYER and SELLER in SECONDS

3-Respond the Email or Tickets ASAP.

4-Pick the best SELLER and promote the services for sale increments.

5-Controll the Payments system with full trust.

6-Make sure the True seller and buyer for security.

7-Manage the conversation box and give out warning the seller who give the personal info in the conversation box.

8-Manage the Request and Delete the adult Requests that spoil the Reputation of site.

9-Clear Payments and validate the withdrawals on daily basis.

10-Activate all the True gigs of seller

11-Manage the Order on daily basis.

12-Manage the feedback on daily basis.

13-Analysis the conversation file and folder for security Reasons

What are your waiting for!!
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