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Hello, I am an MECP certified car audio installer. I specialize in Car speakers, amplifiers, alarms, subwoofers and backup cameras!

I work at an audio shop where i build full car audio systems! I can help you find all the various products you would need in order to build your particular sound system. For example, a lot of you would like to know what you need to order to either install your car audio accessories.

I can find various items and the needed accessory for them to be installed, i will match up power levels and recommend the correct wire gauge in order to power your particular car audio package. As an professional installer i will always recommend getting your product installed at a professional shop, if you insist on doing it yourself i can not act as a virtual installer.

I will use my skills to the best of my ability to find radios, speakers, amps, alarms and the various equipment necessary to install any these products.
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-Car Audio installer and Enthusiast (MECP Certified) -English speaker from the USA. -Wordpress website creator. -Regular ECig user and seller. -Professional internet marketer and search engine optimizer.

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