DFY Citation Clean Up Service - Update Your Citations / Business Listings

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20 days estimated (25 days guaranteed) >
9 days on average

Are Your Business Listings Accurate?

Have incorrect information listed online?

Don't want to take the countless hours to update them all?

Don't want to pay an arm and a leg to get them updated?

We Have You Covered!

We Will Make Sure All of Your Citations Are Accurate!

What You Get:

I will run a report for your business on whitespark to find any and all of your citations

Next, I will manually check each and each of the top 350+ citation sources that we have compiled from whitespark, bright local, MOZ, and Yext to be sure that every incorrect citation is found

We will manually update each of them for you. If there is no option to update, we will contact support on your behalf and request that the information be updated.

Finally, we will add your business to each of the 350+ citations if your business is not listed there yet.

End Result - 350+ accurate citations

This is Perfect If:

 Yours or your client's business has moved
 You are cleaning up another SEO's poor work
 You or your client has any incorrect information online about their business.

Full Report

You will get a Full report showing the updates that were made or a screen shot proving that a support request was made.

Let Us Do All of the Work For You!

Important Note: Many business listing sites require manual approval on their end before a citation can be updated. This can take up to a month in many cases, but has been known to take multiple months, and even up to a full year!

Therefore, we suggest that you send a new request every few months to any that have not been updated yet. The idea is that if they continuously see your request, they are more likely to take action and make the update.

When we deliver your report, you will see which ones are updated and which are pending approval. You can go through yourself and make another update request if you choose OR you can let us do the follow up for you.

If you have pending citation updates, we can check each of your citations once every 3 months, and submit a follow up request on your behalf for any that are not yet updated. We will do this for up to 12 months or until each of your citations are up to date. The cost will depend upon the number of pending updates you have. We will discuss the details upon delivery.

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almost 6 years ago
Great citation clean-up service. Jayruggs delivers again.
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