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===> You are buying a Video creation business ( Whiteboard Video) , Video distribution service & Youtube view service.  No Experience Required.

Demo site :-

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Note:- I will setup same demo site on your domain & hosting.You can buy hosting from me also if you do not have.

Do you dream to dominate on internet world.If yes,
Wondeful opportunity of Video creation business is waiting for you to Get Financial Freedom in your Life.
Potential earning is up to $3000/week. NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED!  


It offer Video services ( Whiteboard Video creation,Video distribution service & Youtube view service ) which are highly profitable & fulfills the need of hungry Webmasters & Small business owners.Getting huge traffic for websites is the real objective of any webmasters & Video is the best tool who can increase sale exponentially.It provides wonderful opportunity to dominate on internet by providing video services to webmasters.On each order, You will make more than 100% profit and can expect to make up to $3000 per week in your spare time.This is fully outsourced business & there is not any prior exp. required to run this business.Newbie Friendly !!!. .Website has killer & eye catching design which grab your visitor's attention immediately.We are proud of this great work & we will never sell you anything worthless.Our Customers are 100% satisfied & they are highly impressed with our quality work in web design perfection.

I am a web designer & developer by profession.I develop high quality websites by keeping in mind hot trends of internet world.Our websites are not only awesome & gorgeous in design but also highly SEO optimized to gain maximum exposure of free traffic.We always keep in mind that Our customer must get maximum profit from our websites. If you are interested in building same service websites please mail us .We will come to you with further details.

1) You receive a order from customer - Payment is received instantly to your Paypal account or whatever payment processor you use.2) You forward this order to Suppliers - We provide you list of reliable & outstanding suppliers.

3) Suppliers confirm you that order is completed.

4) You send a mail to your customer about order completion.That's it.


1) Video Creation Services

  • Whiteboard Video

2) Video Distribution Service

  • Video submission to High PR Video sites

3) Youtube Service

  • Youtube View

Services offered on this website are high in demand & it will increase only as time goes on. World is running these days by websites .Every business needs own websites if they want to make visible in the online world.Huge traffic is the real objective of all webmasters if they want to earn thousands of dollars .Million dollars question is "How to get traffic".Answer is simple - Market your products with Videos.

According to Pew Research Center - 55% People Browse the Web prefer watch Videos over reading.

Our offered services on websites fulfills exact need of hungry buyers & webmasters.

We do not only create stunning Whiteboard videos but also provides services to distribute your videos to high PR video websites that is Video distribution service.Today world is crazy for Youtube.We strongly realize people's hunger of Youtube.That is why we also provide service of Youtube views.

This Killer design website is based on Wordpress platform which is easily editable & configurable. You can edit Home page, Pictures, Logo, Pricing table, Fonts, Colors etc as per you need.
I have spent countless of hours to make it user friendly & maintenance free for new owner. All required plugins are already installed & configured which will play vital role to make the money on Auto Pilot . Every page of this website is designed in such a fashion (With required density of keywords) that search engines ( Google, Bing,…) will give higher ranking in search result of keywords. All hard work is done from my side.

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This website looks eye catching due to premium Theme Which has lot of options as per your requirement. You can edit Fonts, Colors, Sliders, Pricing Tables, Side bars, Menu, Images, Any text, Portfolios, Gallery, Header ,Logo, Footer & Much More.In General, You can edit each and everything. Fully User Friendly.

I have list of reliable suppliers from many sources.Rate may vary slightly supplier to supplier.You can send a mail to me if you want to know rate of all suppliers.

1) Video Creation Service

Whiteboard Video
- Up To 1 Min. - Supplier rate $140 - Sale Price $297 - Profit = $157
- Up To 3 Min. - Supplier rate $290 - Sale Price $749 - Profit = $459
- Up To 5 Min. - Supplier rate $399 - Sale Price $997 - Profit = $598

2) Youtube Service

Youtube Views
- 10000 Views - Supplier rate $25 - Sale Price $53 - Profit = $28
- 25000 Views - Supplier rate $60 - Sale Price $125 - Profit = $65
- 50000 Views - Supplier rate $110 - Sale Price $240 - Profit = $130
- 75000 Views - Supplier rate $165 - Sale Price $350 - Profit = $185
- 100000 Views - Supplier rate $210 - Sale Price $450 - Profit = $240

3) Video Distribution Service

Video Distribution
- 30 Video Sites - Supplier rate $15 - Sale Price $53 - Profit = $38
- 50 Video Sites - Supplier rate $25 - Sale Price $125 - Profit = $100
- 100 Video Sites - Supplier rate $45 - Sale Price $240-  Profit = $195  


1) Note:- I will setup same demo site on your domain & hosting.You can buy hosting from me also if you do not have.
2) Complete Premium theme Website. (VALUE $197)
3) 10+ Pre-installed Wordpress Plugins. (VALUE $99)
4) Very Professional Killer Designed Theme- This Makes People Really Trust You!
5) Tutorial To Understand Website
6) FREE Website Transfer (VALUE: $39)
7) FREE Reliable Suppliers (VALUE $999)
8) FREE Lifetime Support To Run the service (VALUE: $799)
9) FREE After sales support  (VALUE: $297)

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