Affiliate Marketing Consultation With Super Affiliate Tim Schmidt

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Have you ever wanted someone to peek over your shoulder and tell you exactly what you are doing right, and what you are doing wrong? 

Whether you are just starting out, making money, or CRUSHING it, chances are you have some  holes in your funnel and set-up.  In this one on one consultation with Tim Schmidt (founder of - affiliate marketing training course) you'll send him your website for review.  He'll make notes, create a needs analysis, and on a one on one call, he'll walk you through all of his findings. 

Who is Tim Schmidt? 

Tim has navigated the waters through some of the toughest niches in Internet Marketing over the years and is a 15 year SUPER AFFILIATE, being in the top 1% of earners in the most difficult of markets.   Anti aging products, electronic cigarettes, even financial products.  His success as a super affiliate has led him to lucrative partnerships with some of the most powerful SEO's in the business, including Greg Morrison. 

His teaching style has led him to receive praise from 8 figure marketers like Mike Long, Stephen Floyd, Kotton Grammer.  Tim routinely speaks at OMG Live events about the current landscape of affiliate marketing and most recently gave a presentation at Mass Conversions by Michael Devlin.

Every detail counts in affiliate marketing.  Can you afford to have yet another commission slip through the cracks? 

Find out everything you are doing right and let Tim tell you how to amplify those efforts.

Find holes in your game plan and learn how you can correct them. 

The half hour is yours to use however you want.  Come prepared with a list of questions, websites to review and talk about, and ideas for expansion or continued growth. 

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almost 3 years ago
Tim is the real deal when it comes to affiliate marketing. He provided invaluable insight gave things to implement right away to make the site really take off. Absolutely recommended for all affiliate marketers out there!
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almost 3 years ago
Tim is amazing to work with and clearly knows his stuff! He provided an amazing diagnosis of where my site stands today and a blueprint to really take it to the next level. Excited to take action on what he's laid out - worth every penny!
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almost 3 years ago
Omg! Tim was an absolute pleasure to talk to. His game plan for my site is nothing I could have ever dreamt up. He knows all the angles, and I can't possibly be more psyched about where my affiliate website is headed!
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